Cider Vinegar Fruit Fly Traps

It can happen when you least expect it.  A fruit fly invasion in the middle of November, for example.  Those fruit flies, no doubt, hitchhiked in on some citrus fruit and have taken up an annoying presence in the kitchen.  The worm composting bin happens to be a favorite haven for them, even though we don’t put fruit scraps in the indoor bin for precisely this reason.  The little flying buggers don’t bite but they are annoying and well I don’t want them in the house and I bet you don’t want them in yours either.  Here’s a way to make cider vinegar fruit fly traps to get rid of those buggers that come in on that bunch of bananas and decide to stick around for your fermenting goodies.

Cider Vinegar Fruit Fly TrapThis trap is simple and non-toxic and while it might not be super fast it does work over the course of a few days.  Simply take a jar and pour some apple cider vinegar in the bottom, about 2 inches is plenty.

Now take a plastic bag, one that is being re-purposed works just great.  In one of the sealed corners, punch a hole.  Use a pen tip or a small phillips screwdriver. 

Poke HoleTake the plastic and place it over the opening of your jar.  Position the bag so that the corner with the hole is facing down into the jar like a funnel.  Keeping the bag tight so that the funnel stays well formed and secure the bag to your jar with a rubber band.  I cut the excess bag away but it wouldn’t be a big deal to leave it on either.  And that’s it, that is your cider vinegar fruit fly trap.

Bag FunnelPlace your jar in the area where the fruit flies are gathering.  They’ll fly down the funnel, attracted to the vinegar scent but won’t be able to find their way out again.  They fall into the vinegar and die. 

In cases of large infestations, dump the jar and repeat every few days.  You can always put out more than one trap if needed. 

Other notes:  Beer works well as would a piece of banana, however; the vinegar or beer works better in that they don’t seem to be able to lay eggs in the liquid causing a huge swell of fruit flies to hatch in your jar.

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