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Learn how to use fresh herbs as they naturally ripen for simple and effective natural remedies, delicious food, and soothing body products.

The world of herbs and herbalism can feel huge and overwhelming.

There is simply just so very much information out there and so many herbs to try and learn.

Just getting started in a confident way is intimidating. There are so many preparations to try and warnings about interactions and goodness no one wants to make anyone sick or cause harm. 

And yet the draw to using herbs instead of chemicals is a strong pull and part of an overall homemade life that is important.

I felt the very same way when I first started exploring herbalism more than 15 years ago. The desire to more effectively use the plants growing around me was deep and strong. That desire naturally evolved from a love of gardening and wanting to better understand plants. 

As I delved into the world of herbs, I learned that we often have what we need most often right around us. That herbalism doesn't have to be exotic or hard to stand clinical studies - at least not for those of us just wanting to take better care of our bodies in a simple way at home.

And that is exactly who A Year of Seasonal Herbs is for:

people wanting to take better care of their bodies in a simple way at home.

Included in A Year of Seasonal Herbs:

Get natural insect repellent, headache relief, and anti-inflammatory in one natural source by learning the external & internal uses of feverfew.
  • Lessons divided into the 4 seasons of the year
  • Video & PDF lessons
  • Printable labels & journal pages
  • Recipes & tutorials for food, herbal remedies, body products, and more

Get full & immediate access to the course for $47. You'll be able to begin herbal study and practice right away.

I'm Kathie, a student and practitioner of simple, seasonal living for over 20 years. I've been a teacher and a writer for over 15 years and love guiding folks to live empowered and handmade lives including the use of herbs for food, remedies, and more.