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D.I.Y. Does Not Mean Doing It Alone

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This doing-it-yourself lifestyle there’s a lot to it and most of us want to figure it out on our own. That’s admirable and in some cases the best way to attack life. Other times, however, it’s wise to remember that D.I.Y does not mean doing it alone. That, in fact, doing it with help and guidance can only increase our self-reliance.

Do it yourself does not mean doing it alone.

In this modern age, we have the opportunity to learn from a variety of resources. We can take classes, we can read books, take e-courses, and more. Here are 4 reasons to do-it-yourself but not do it alone.

1. Safety First

There are moments in our D.I.Y. lives when doing it alone without some help or training can quite literally be a matter of life or death. Proper canning technique prevents botulism. Misidentification of a mushroom can at the very least cause stomach upset and sometimes much worse. These are the perfect places to find good resources to further make our D.I.Y. lives safer and easier.

2. Efficiency Tips

Reading books and taking classes means exposure to a wide variety of tips and tricks from more experienced practitioners. These tips and tricks might help us be more efficient and move through our tasks more easily. Sometimes these tips or tricks might only be mentioned by one teacher or author, so continuing to learn and hone our various crafts is important.

3. Inspirational Moments

Not doing it alone guides us to new ideas. These new ideas may just inspire a whole new way of thinking or adjustment of current ideas. Finding mentors and guides help reaffirm our reasons for living a D.I.Y. life. These encourage us and prevent feelings of isolation. Both of those things go a long way in keeping us happy and healthy.

4. Frugality

Learning from others helps us save money. It’s always nice to know how to save money on a project. Beyond that learning how to do something properly can prevent wasted time and materials further saving us money.

Remember to take all these ideas and lessons try them out and adapt them. We should learn but we don’t have to copy exactly (except for safety sake). In fact, take those all lessons and change them up in a way that works best for you and your family.

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