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Dairy-Free Chocolate Coffee Pudding

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I have an old copy of The Farm Vegetarian Cookbook that I just love.  The cookbook put out by The Farm Community is full of a variety of ideas, however; a good bit of them center around soy.  I don’t embrace soy as much as they did (and maybe still do), however; the cookbook is a treasure and one that I envision will always be on my bookshelf.  The cookbook contains a few pudding recipes that have been go-to desserts for me over-the-years.  I do drink goat milk but often use non-dairy milk alternatives in desserts and as a coffee lover I’m always adding the flavor to my treats.  This dairy-free chocolate coffee pudding is a tasty treat for your vegan or allergy-sensitive friends and family. 

Dairy-Free Chocolate Coffee Pudding - Homespun Seasonal Living

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