Do you want to truly connect to the fall season? 
I'm not talking about pumpkin spice lattes here...

I mean truly connect to the earth, fresh food, home, creativity & more. 
And do it a fun, low-pressure kind of way?

More than just enjoy fall but prepare for winter with recipes that highlight seasonal foods, craft projects that are great for holiday gift giving, and herbal remedies to help your family combat the impending cold season. Fall into Autumn's Bounty will guide you all that more in 10 lessons.

Ready to get geared up for the cool months?


Are you:

Looking for a new fall recipe?
Ready to boost your health and prepare your body for the cold weather?
Interested in handmade gifts for yourself or Christmas? 
Trying to find ways to can your fall harvest?
Wondering how you can make the most?
Looking for all natural beauty recipes?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll send you a total of 10 lessons that will inspire you to try new recipes, get out in nature, and craft during the cold winter months.


What You Get in the Fall Seasonal Living Course:

10 Lessons to work at your own pace in which we'll connect to nature, eat & preserve seasonal food, use herbs for health & body, get creative, and nest at home.

Included in the course are videos and downloads that include:

Complete instructions to sew a tote bag and crochet a table runner.

More than 50 recipes to use and preserve fall seasonal foods.

Inspiration for setting simple goals and using a journal.

Tips for connecting to nature and making getting outside a priority.

More than 20 recipes and projects for creating remedies and body products from fall herbs.

Encouraging projects to make your home, a peaceful nesting place.

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How It Works

You get full access to the course as soon as you enroll to work through at your own pace.



Preserve the abundance of fall apples for winter eating and gift giving with this lightly and naturally sweetened maple apple butter.

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I’m so excited to experience with you all nature has to offer us. Together, we’ll cook up fresh produce, mix up natural beauty recipes, hand craft beautiful projects to share, and enjoy the season.

Registration is $47.


Your Instructors

Kathie N. Lapcevic of Homespun Seasonal Living

I’m your main instructor and I’ll be hosting the course. A little about me- I live on a small homestead out in Northwest Montana. My life is full of all nature has to offer. Each day, I purpose to live simply and enjoy the earth’s seasonal rhythms. I make the most of each season and spend time every week doing something that I love. I’m committed to helping you do the same thing!

An interview with Angi from SchneiderPeeps about her Fiercely DIY habits.

Angi Schneider of SchneiderPeeps

Angi is a homemaker and entrepreneur that lives in South Texas. She, her husband, and six kids have committed to turning their land into a place that will provide food for them for years to come. She’s turned their home into a place where creativity is priority and indulges in sewing, cooking, homeschooling her kids, and decorating. She presents lesson 2 and will teach you how to sew a tote bag.

Pamela Grice of Crochetpreneur

Pam is a crochetpreneur and teaches women not only how to craft beautiful things out of yarn, but she also teaches them how to turn their hobby into a profit making machine. She’s a master of knowing how to get her creations into the hands of those that really want them. Her easy to follow instructions will give you the guidance you need to craft without stress. She presents lesson 7 and will teach you how to crochet a table runner.

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