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25 Easy & Delicious Fall Pancake Recipes

Cozy up in the cool mornings with these fall pancake recipes! Perfect for a tasty breakfast or indulgent brunch.

More than just fluffy pancakes these recipes feature seasonal produce so that you can make the most of the harvest season!

With rich, aromatic scents and flavors there is an idea for homemade pancakes on this list for everyone. So, bust out your favorite toppings and enjoy the comfort of fall flavors like apple, pumpkin spice, or buttery cinnamon!

A stack of pancakes sit on a plate with a cut pumpkin and bowl of honey in the background. Text overlay reads: Fall Pancake Recipes.

The Best Pancake Toppings

Looking for ways to dress up and top your big batch of pancakes? The options are truly endless and individual, meaning everyone can have perfect fall breakfasts easily.

It can remain as simple as you wish or be morphed into an elegant dish perfect for brunch.

If you’re using these tender pancakes for hosting, why not set up a pancake bar with some of the toppings below so that your guests can create their own ideal plate. 

All of the fall pancakes taste amazing topped with any of the following:

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Fall Pancake Recipes

Highlight the fresh harvests of Autumn with these easy and delicious recipes perfect for simple weekday breakfasts and fancy brunch meals alike!

Apple Pancake Recipes

Make the most of apple season with these easy apple pancakes! Whether you have homegrown or something from the local orchard, these recipes are a great way to highlight them and provide a comforting meal at the same time.

Pumpkin Pancake Recipes

No Autumn would be complete without a dash of pumpkin recipes! Remember, most any winter squash puree can easily be substituted for real pumpkin puree with equally great results. These fluffy pumpkin pancakes are all full of your favorite pumpkin spice flavor and pair perfectly with a warm cup of coffee.

Cranberry Pancake Recipes

Switch up the flavor profile from decadent to refreshing with these cranberry pancakes! These recipes continue feeding our indulgent side while also mixing in some tart and tangy flavor for a burst of brightness on dark mornings. 

Other Fall Vegetable Pancake Recipes

Visit your local farmers markets and pick up other bits of in-season fresh produce to keep your breakfast local and flavorful. These recipes make you want to curl up with your plate as they infuse all the comforts of the change of seasons while branching out into new directions. It's the perfect time to enjoy the indulgence of new flavors and step outside of your comfort zone!

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