Resources For Bloggers

As a blogger, I'm always looking for new tools to keep my business running smoothly and productively. I'm not alone in that, I know. The resources on this page are all ones I use (and pay for) here at Homespun Seasonal Living and recommend them all highly. 

This page contains affiliate links - meaning I earn a small commission if you click through and purchase the item, this is at no additional cost to you. I appreciate your support in helping keep my homestead and this blog debt free.

CoSchedule - Editorial Calendar & Social Media Scheduling

I use CoSchedule as my main editorial calendar and it automatically pins new posts to Pinterest for me. It is also my sole scheduling program for Facebook and Twitter. It's easy to use, especially with the Chrome extension.

Tailwind - Pinterest Scheduling

Pinterest is one of my highest sources of traffic and to keep my own posts as well as other posts scheduled I use Tailwind. I've tried other programs over the years but Tailwind is easily my favorite.

WP E-Store

All of my e-courses, e-books, and other products are loaded onto the site through my e-store plug-in from Tips & Tricks. This plug-in works perfectly with Paypal and is so easy for folks like me who aren't necessarily techy inclined.

WP Affiliate Plug-In

I work with affiliates to sell my products and I want to make it easy as possible for them and for myself. The affiliate plug-in from Tips & Tricks makes it easy to customize ads and give my affiliates a simple place to log-in and find code to paste into their blogs, websites, and newsletters. It also gives me easy reports and allows for easy mass payments each month. 

Sales Pages from Thrive Themes

Creating awesome sales pages is not my forte. The plug-in from Thrive Themes makes it so much easier to create unique pages that look different than my normal blog page and it does it in an easy drag & drop fashion. This page, too, was created with the plug-in. It's a one-time fee rather than a monthly deal which makes it a great option for many of us in the small to mid-range size.

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