It's so much more than just seasoning & tea.

Those herbs and weeds fill your garden and yard. They're abundant producers and yet beyond tossing some mint into tea or oregano into tomato sauce, they often go to waste. They go to waste because just how to use all those productive plants beyond just seasoning and tea is confusing and often misunderstood. 

Rather than wasting all this tasty abundance, learn to get creative with it in ways that delicious and easy in the modern kitchen. 

I've been a gardener a very long time and I would never waste a homegrown tomato. For years, however, I wasted the abundant flavorful herbs and weeds that were growing on my little homestead. I dedicated some years to learning how to cook with, preserve, and use these herbs in my kitchen just like I would the vegetable garden. It is that culmination of study and practice that is available to you in this Herbal Cookery E-Course. 

Tasty and healing make the most of prolific garden herbs by preserving mint for food and medicine to use throughout the year.
Make the most of beautiful seasonal flowers and delicious honey with this simple to bake and utterly delightful lilac honey cake.
Preserve seasonal citrus with a bright floral flavor in this easy to make and delicious meyer lemon lavender jelly that makes for amazing gifts.
Use these tips for winter seasonal eating to make delicious, frugal, and nutritious meals from what's in-season and available.

Herbal Cookery will provide: 

Instruction in the basics of harvesting herbs & food making

More than 50 recipes

Money saving tactics to use homegrown herbs over expensive store-bought items

Printable planners, labels, and much more

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Preservation Basics:

In this first lesson, we'll cover harvesting herbs as well as preservation methods for storage and winter cooking.


We'll go beyond just basic herbal tea in lesson 3 and talk about smoothies, hot chocolate, and much more. 


Herbs can be so much more than sauce seasoning, in lesson 5 we'll use them in dessert dishes from simple to elegant. 


During lesson 2, we'll start infusing herbs into vinegar, honey, salt, and more for creative culinary cooking later.

Savory Dishes:

Bring those herbs into main  by allowing them to be merely a hint in or the star of savory dishes in lesson 4. 


A private forum for students will allows creative discussion, sharing of photos, & much more interaction.

Fight cold and flu season with this tasty immunity building Vitamin C herbal tea blend. Tart and spicy this medicine is a delight to drink.
Make the most of common 'weeds' by foraging and using dandelions for food and medicine with these easy recipes and home remedies.
Herbal tea Italian sodas com are are lightly sweet, thirst quenching, and even healing beverage that is easy to make at home.
Lemon Balm is a bushy perennial herb that has a multitude of uses both culinary and medicinal, here are 10 ways to use lemon balm.

Join the course for $37 - Get Instant Access

I'm Kathie, a writer, published recipe developer, and teacher. I love working with fresh food from my homestead and sharing the joys of simple, homemade food with my students. 

Have questions about Herbal Cookery Email me: [email protected]