Do you want to give gifts that are infused with meaning and warmth?

Does the idea of homemade gifts feel daunting & time consuming? What if it didn't have to be difficult?

You can find anything with a click of a mouse these days but are those gifts truly representative of the love, care, and concern you feel?

Probably not. Those easy to find gadgets and gifts show that you were thinking of someone but are often hollow of emotion and love. The gifts are often shipped right to the recipient in plain beige boxes. All of it wrapped in a sterile, industrial void that conveys warehouse not home and heart.

You want to give something better, something made by hand, something useful and comforting, something that presents your heart in a physical form. This feels important but who has time with work and school and just life? 

Buying gifts isn't the worst thing in the world, in fact, it can also be extremely appropriate. Sometimes the recipient needs money for a text book not a box of cookies. Yet, there are so many occasions and reasons to give something homemade and from the heart, something that is sure to lift the spirits and encourage a person on, something that will provide a pleasant memory long after a gadget is left forgotten on a shelf.

Homemade gifts from the kitchen can be made easily and with heart without leaving you overwhelmed and pressed for time.

Breads, cookies, comfort foods, and more can all be whipped up in a hurry in our home kitchens with simple ingredients that may already be in the pantry. These are the gifts that people remember for a long time because they truly are love made physical.

Simple but full of heart and meaning. It's the pot of soup delivered after surgery, the muffins for the new parents, the box of snacks sent to a homesick college student, the cupcakes for a co-workers birthday, and more.

Gift giving that is full of love, concern, well wishes, congratulations and more is as close as your kitchen. It's also easier and less time consuming than most of us imagine.

This is the compass you need to navigate that next round of birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions on your calendar. This book is about food and drink that is distinctive enough to gift. Everyone needs to eat, after all.

Chris at Joybilee Farm

Nowadays, gifts that take time and thought and energy – those made from scratch – are the luxury gifts, the splurges, the ones that make the receiver feel special. And that’s what this book is about. Kathie takes the commercialism out of gift giving, and restores the heart and soul and creativity

Janet at One Acre Farm

Homemade Gifts from the Kitchen is a book designed to help you not only make simple sweet & savory food but also gives you a multitude of presentation ideas for every gift giving occasion.

60 recipes in 10 chapters:

  1. Yeasted Breads
  2. Quick Breads & Muffins
  3. Comfort Foods
  4. Cookies
  5. Cakes & Cupcakes
  6. Drinks & Snacks

Each recipe is presented with clear ingredient lists & instructions as well ideas for giving it as a gift.

No special or gourmet ingredients. Everything can be found in even small town grocery stores. The purpose is to focus on simple but pleasurable gifts for the giver to make and the recipient to enjoy.

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The recipe pages themselves are strictly black and white text for easy, frugal printing if desired.

About the Author:

Kathie N. Lapcevic

An experienced home baker who was taught by her grandma's that good food always bring a smile. Kathie has been passionately making, giving, and sending food gifts for herentire adult life. As a nationally published writer and recipe creator, she shares her love of simple food and loving gifts through the printed word and in person classes. 

The recipes are not ones I have seen in other food gift cookbooks. I was pleased to see that Ms. Lapcevic uses whole natural ingredients. You won’t see processed foods in these recipes. Many recipes could easily be converted to vegan. I noticed also that many of the ingredients I have right in my kitchen as normal pantry supplies. I always am pleased when I can find everything right at home. Makes it easy to gift on short notice when I can bake or cook something as a present.

From a Good Reads Review

This book is full of ideas for sprucing up those handmade, homemade gifts without breaking your budget or taxing your crafty cells. In fact, I wouldn’t really call these ideas “crafty”, just elegant and simple. From homemade tags made out of upcycled materials to delicious, healthy recipes, this books takes all the work out of the process of welcoming a new baby or neighbor, or even sending along condolences.

An Amazon Reviewer