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The June Garden

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We’ve officially kicked off summer and my goodness is it starting to feel that way around our little farm.  So many amazing things happening and being eaten – radishes and broccoli and lots of herby goodness.  So much beauty and promise quite literally blossoming all around us.


These calendula are from seed I’ve been saving for years and they’re colorful blooms are just taking my breath away.  I save many of the petals for tea and other medicinal uses but have to leave a few just for beauty’s sake too.  The marigolds too have been saved from seed for years, seed that was given to me from a friend who tells me they were from her grandmother’s seed.


The greens need thinned and will be as I harvest the baby greens for salads.


The raspberries are apples are giving us promises of future harvests.



What’s happening in your garden?

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