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Natural Digestive Relief

A healthy digestive system almost always starts with a healthy diet. What that healthy diet looks like varies from body to body but usually includes lots of whole, natural foods. No matter how healthy we eat, there comes a time for most of us where we over-indulge or are tempted by the myriad of sweets at a party. Those are the times when we might need a little natural digestive relief. Those are the times when I turn to my herbal medicine cabinet to help get my digestive system and the rest of my body for that matter back on track while also returning to my normal eating habits.

Find natural digestive relief with these herbs and spices for those times when tempted to over indulge and the stomach revolts. 


Herbal tea has a great way of comforting the soul while also comforting the body. For digestive issues try these herbs or combinations:


Tinctures time to make but if you have some on hand or want to make some to have on hand for later try these:

Some Preventative Maintenance

When traveling or attending parties, we know we might faced with less than ideal choices or simply tempted to eat in a manner that isn’t the norm. These are the times that call for a little preventative care:

  • 3 Seed Nibble – These seeds are tasty and help a body digest food. Make a small batch and carry it in the car. Nibble on just a bit before and after a meal to help ease any potential issues.
  • Flax Sprinkle – This tasty, spicy powder is great on things like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, winter squash and much more. All those natural spices help naturally aid digestion and is an easy way to cut off an upset stomach before it occurs. 
  • Pastilles – Getting herbs into children can sometimes be a battle. These pastilles might just be the ticket insteadof trying to force tea down.  They are filled with herbal goodness like fennel and peppermint while getting their sweetness from honey and vegetable glycerin.

These are just a few simple natural digestive relief methods worth checking out the next time the stomach decides it doesn’t like what was put in it. This is not an exhaustive list by any means but a good and easy start for many of us.

What’s your favorite way to find some natural digestive relief?

Note: I am not a doctor and these suggestions should not replace trained medical advice.  Please remember to check each herb for any potential problems and complications. Not all herbs work well with certain medications, some are not recommended for pregnant women, and some may even aggravate allergies, please double check for your own individual circumstances. 

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Thursday 17th of December 2015

Thanks so much for including my Digestive Tea ideas in your wonderful post! Digestive support is a big part of my practice. Thanks again! Carol