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Preserving Zucchini

Every August, I write in my gardening journal: ‘next year 2 zucchini plants is more than enough.’ And every June in a fit of spring fever I plant more than two. This abundance means we’re eating zucchini for every meal of the day for a while. It also means we’re preserving zucchini for winter eating, too.

Zucchini in a basket.

Dehydrated Zucchini:

I simply slice mine into 1/4″ rounds, I use a mandolin to keep the slices an even thickness.  Lay on the dehydrator tray and dry until chip like.  You can also dehydrate the shreds and reconstitute it later for baking, etc.  I use the “chips” in soups and grind it up with yogurt cheese for dip.

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Grating the zucchini and drying the shreds is also a way to go. Simply re-hydrate those shreds in hot water and drain to use in your favorite zucchini bread come winter.

Preserving zucchini slices on a dehydrator tray.

Frozen Zucchini:

I shred the zucchini (I do use a box grater but a food processor would most definitely work) and then freeze it in 2 cup portions.  No need to blanch first.  I put the 2 cups in a plastic bag, lay it flat and freeze for winter baking, smoothies, even casseroles.  I use 2 cup portions because that seems to be the amount most common for recipes I use, adjust as necessary for your needs.

Grating zucchini on a box grater.

Other Preserving Zucchini Methods:

Without a doubt I turn to the  two methods above most of the time. They’re simple and allow for many uses later in both sweet and savory dishes. However, there are some other creative ways to preserve zucchini as well.

Get a healthy dose of probiotics with your summer abundance by fermenting it.

Make and can a tasty zucchini relish for backyard BBQs.

Combine fresh herbs with zucchini for a pesto perfect for freezing.

All Summer Squash

Use these same methods for all forms of summer squash (yellow squash, patty pan, etc.) for equally delicious results.

As the garden harvest brings in bushels of zucchini, don’t be sneaking into co-workers’ cars, rather preserve it for later. These are simple methods but they go a long way in keeping the food budget manageable and the pantry stocked.

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Thursday 13th of August 2015

I do a combo of shredding and puree. I love putting either in spaghetti sauces in the winter!


Saturday 8th of August 2015

My dehydrator! I slice it lengthways for 'lasagna noodles' later in the winter, and I make 'chips' for casseroles later. Dehydrating is fast, easy, more nutritious. I never have to worry about power outages in regards to a freezer, and dehydrated food is less space intensive then canned.

Lindy Lou

Wednesday 22nd of July 2015

Great ideas! I have a ton of all kinds of squash that I will have to do something with. Just purchased a dehydrator, so I will try this as well. Thanks


Thursday 23rd of July 2015

I'm so glad to know it was a good resource for you. Enjoy that dehydrator!

Dee Carlson

Thursday 2nd of July 2015

I shred zucchini in my food processor then I spread it out on sheets and dehydrate it. When it is dry I crush it to a fine powder and store to add to winter soups. It's adds great flavor and the kids have no idea that it's in there.

Anna @ NorthernHomestead

Tuesday 5th of August 2014

I too like to freeze shredded zucchini. Great for adding to ground beef in recipes like meatballs. You can hardly taste it, but it makes the meatballs more juice.