Savoring Summer

Make the Most of the Season

Does the abundance of summer overwhelm you?

Do you want to make the most of the season's gifts and still enjoy it?

The good news is that summer seasonal living doesn't have to be hard or overwhelming!​

Summer is busy! There are picnics and weddings, family reunions and road trips. There is gardening and weeding, food preservation and meal making. There are community events and more. And no one wants to miss a minute of it. 

I get it. I've been there. We can't do it all, but we can enjoy the season and make the most of it. We can skip the overwhelm, too. We can have rest and a pantry full of homemade goodness. We can eat simple, from scratch meals and have time left over to get outside into the woods or go to the park. 

It's not magic and it's not even science, really. Savoring summer is a matter of setting realistic intentions and going after them. This e-course will help you do that with a list of ideas that includes recipes, tutorials, and more designed specifically for the summer season. And it comes with a community of support to help and encourage. 

Check back in 2018!

Join us in this fun and empowering course for $47 per student.

Savoring Summer is doable, fun, and rewarding!

Join us for the Savoring Summer E-Course to make the most of the season

  • Get help and guidance for setting realistic intentions
  • Recipes for seasonal eats & drinks
  • Tips to enjoy nature and embracing rest at home
  • Projects for herbal healing and body products
  • Preserving the summer for the next seasons

I have thoroughly enjoyed your Homespun Seasonal Living classes. I like that they are open to interpretation and not one-size-fits-all. I also appreciate being able to answer the questions and do the projects on my own time. The one message that has resonated with me since taking the winter course is slow down. I am appreciating the seasons more, even if it’s not my favorite time of the year. And by having a seasonal focus, I’ve been able to delegate projects to a specific time of year that are more fitting. Keep ’em coming.

Use these 10 simple ideas and projects to grow herbalism skills that will help you care for your family and home naturally.

With Homespun Seasonal Living, Kathie Lapcevic leads students on an inspiring, thoughtful journey to a seasonal lifestyle. Approachable, warm and humorous, Kathie is exactly the sort of guide you would want to help you navigate life’s changing seasons.


Students have unlimited access to a private forum to interact, ask questions, share photos, and more. 

Join us for the 8 lesson Savoring Summer Course & enjoy:

Set Intentions

Get help & positive encouragement in setting realistic, achievable summer intentions. 

Summer Drinks

More than just iced tea and lemonade, get recipes and ideas to drink the gifts of the season.

The Outdoors

Observe and enjoy the natural world as a foundation for seasonal living in summer and beyond.

Finding Rest

Embrace simple living and fight overwhelm with days full of rest and rejuvenation even when busy.

Summer Eats

From breakfast to dessert get recipes and ideas that make the most of seasonal produce to enjoy today.

At Home

Find contentment at home and enjoy the special joys of the summer season with simple projects.

Herbal Body

Use the gifts of the summer for healing and body care for this season and later with recipes and tutorials.


Save the special gifts of this season for the next with easy and tasty preservation methods and recipes. 

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I signed up for the Homespun Seasonal Living e-course, but our family has been experiencing a renewal of gardening, food preservation, healthy eating, and self-sufficiency, so I thought perhaps this course would fit right in. And it did! – You don’t have to live on 40 acres to benefit from this course – she makes it easy to begin by doing just one thing and then finding ways to connect that one thing to your everyday living, interacting with your community, and planning for the future, while emphasizing the importance of rest and play activities, too! – The course was a nice balance of planning, doing, and reflecting, along with recipes and DIY projects. Many of her suggestions for activities became jumping-off points for my own imagination based on my specific needs and interests. Most importantly, it got me thinking about meaningful goals, and “digging deep” to find out what’s really important to me and my family. – I really liked Kathie’s “no guilt” approach – she emphasized doing as little or as much as we had the time and energy for. This was especially meaningful for me as we are working through a difficult family situation, health wise, and I knew I could not fully participate in every single activity at this time. I know I will be using the materials on-going to fill in and expand on for quite some time.


About the Instructor: Kathie N. Lapcevic

I'm an experienced teacher who's been passionately living a simple and seasonal lifestyle for almost 20 years. Living on a small homestead in northwest Montana has taught me a lot about the earth's seasonal rhythms and how that can give us joy and purpose. It is those lessons that I share in the seasonal living e-courses with doable projects, recipes, tips, & more.

Kathie’s communications and well-thought-out lesson plan really kept me on track and in touch with the season. I experienced so much more than ever before–from identifying the birds in my backyard to connecting with the vendors at my local farmers market. It was fun, and having Kathie as a guide made it all possible.