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Seasonal Weekends

We’re enjoying a quiet long-weekend full of seasonal activities, to that end a small post today about just what seasonal weekends look like here at my house in northwest Montana.

The weekends right now are full of things like putting away all the herbs that have been hanging and drying in various places throughout the house:

herby harvest

Cooking up chicken bones into soup stock and canning it for the soup seasons that are fall and winter here in northwest Montana (or at least at our house):

Chicken Broth

We’re enjoying cooler days and darker evenings with guests eating up the windfall apples.


It’s still very much summer and a time of abundance in the garden and natural world, but the season is shifting.  Can you feel it / sense it in your neck of the woods?  What did your seasonal weekend look like?

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Monday 1st of September 2014

We've having a hot, humid spell here in New England (complete with a tornado not far away) but despite that, the nights feel like early fall. Trees are starting to turn. The garden, while still productive, is slowing down; tomatoes are a trickle again, not an onslaught. The first apples are in, amid the peaches and berries of summer.

Of course we managed to time peach canning for after the heat wave started. It was in the 70s all last week, and will be again next week. But when did I buy the seconds peaches that needed to be used now? You guessed it, yesterday when the heat started!


Monday 1st of September 2014

I live in northern Michigan.....Tip of the Mitt. Early Fall here is pretty much like yours. You can feel the cool Fall air, Maple trees are starting to turn their bright flame red and orange, crops that were slow all summer are now beginning to really take off(except for the tomatoes they're really green and there are hundreds. I'm hoping we won't have frost until at least Christmas...LOL. I don't like that the forecast for this winter is again so rough. Last winter was so bad and it lasted too long. The Lakes stayed frozen well into June and the ground didn't warm for planting until mid June. That's why everything is so late. The root veggies are doing fine Been picking Beets, Onions, carrots and taters for the last week. In case your wondering, my farm is a small 2 acre and I bought this place after I retired. Neither it nor me is a spring chicken. It's a fixer upper and God needs to let me live to be at least 100 to "Fix 'er upper". I enjoy reading about what's happening at your place......please don't stop writing. TTYL, Donna