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Simple Requires Effort

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“Simple doesn’t mean you don’t put in effort or that you just lay back and watch things happen.  Simple can sometimes mean more work, more planning, and even more thought put into your philosophy of life.” ~ Rohan Anderson in Whole Larder Love

Often my idea of simple living equates almost directly with doing-it-myself and well doing-it-myself is rarely simple or easy.  In fact, most days simple requires effort.  I’m not complaining, this way of life is exactly what I’ve chosen and I wouldn’t change it even when I’m obsessing over whether or not the bees will survive the winter.  There are a multitude of projects going on here at Two Frog Home and while we’re not even sure if all of them are going to be successful or tasty, we’re already planning the next rounds.

It seems our philosophy to life pretty much boils down to “we can almost always do it better than something store bought.”  In most cases that’s true, we’re not trying to be master electricians or plumbers, we hire skilled workers when we need them, however; most of the time we do believe and are able to do it better ourselves.

Walking around the house this weekend and looking at our many D.I.Y. projects – the fermenting carboys of apple cider, the herbal infused oils being made into body butter, the yogurt being made from raw goat milk, the homegrown, dried beans cooking in the slow cooker, etc. I realized again, just how seriously we do take our voluntary simplicity philosophy.  It does take effort, work, and planning but in the end it brings us satisfaction and joy in a job well-done and in a life well-lived.  I don’t pretend that our lives are perfect or that we don’t screw up or cause harm to the earth (that bare spot of grass next to the garage is where we spilled a little gasoline, darn it) but we’re trying on a daily basis to do it better, to treat our community better, and to live a simpler life.

As you start your week, let me just encourage you to not be dismayed by the effort and work required in living a simple life.  Find what works for you, embrace it and move forward.  Simple living like anything else takes practice and the more you practice the better you get and the more joy you find in your results.

What piece of advice would you give someone looking to embrace a simpler life?

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Lauren Dixon

Saturday 28th of December 2013

Boy, ain't that the truth! I find that the more we try to simplify and get back to basics, the harder we have to work to make it happen. I think most of us modern westerners are spoiled by convenience and technology these days, and raised into the niceties from birth. What I consider hard work, my great-grandmother likely would have accomplished before breakfast without breaking a sweat!

Pary Moppins

Tuesday 17th of December 2013

I always say that simple does not necessarily mean easy. I love that while walking around your house, you took stock of your D.I.Y. efforts and delighted in them. Have a very merry homespun Christmas season! :)


Monday 16th of December 2013 easy, yet so complicated to begin. Living the simple life requires you to rethink everything you thought you knew, or wanted to know. Once you get into "the swing" of living back to basics, it's really very rewarding and easy