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20+ Summer Cake Flavors to Bake

As much as I love a good pie, summer cakes can be just as delightful and rewarding for dessert.

There’s something wonderful and simple about a cake full of fresh summer fruits. Summer cakes are also generally simple cakes. These are things where fruit is the star and the fancier decorating or frostings can be saved for other seasons.

A row of 3 photos sit on top of a text block. First photo a slice of chocolate cake with pink frosting, second photo is a slice of peach bundt cake, third photo is plum cake with pink frosting on a white plate with fork. Text overlay reads: 20+ summer cake recipes.

A summer cake is a celebration of not only the natural season but of the abundance of flavor and fruit from the earth. Use these recipes for inspiration and remember that many fruits can easily be substituted for one another.

Like the cherry recipe in general but aren’t a fan of cherries? Substitute berries instead. Most importantly use that fruit up and share it with family and friends this summer season.

Baking in the Summer Months

Turning the oven on to do some baking on a hot day is the last thing many of us want to do. The idea of making the house even hotter never feels wise or good even if we get delicious homemade cake in the end.

Choose to bake in the cooler mornings rather than midday. Choose cloudy or rainy days to turn on the oven. Work with mother nature and the temperatures not against.

A bundt cake sits on a floral cake plate. A vase of daisies and lilies sit in the background.

The great thing about this collection of easy summer desserts is that it allows you to try different recipes based on the abundance of seasonal fruits throughout the summer so that you can pick the cooler days to bake.

How to Serve

A slice of cake is a complete dessert. One can never go wrong by simply serving it that way alongside some kind of tasty drink hot or cold. Iced tea or coffee in summer is, of course, ideal.

Do pay attention to the heat and keep things with cream cheese frosting refrigerated, etc. Make sure to watch any frosting at an outdoor picnic – they will all melt quickly.

Some of the following recipes, skip frosting making them a better option for super hot days and parties – top those slices with whipped cream just before serving.

A scoop of ice cream is always welcome on a hot summer day and even more so when it’s on a slice of any of the following great cake recipes.

Summer Cake Recipes

Make the most of summer fruits and vegetables with this collection of summer cake recipes sure to please most every sweet tooth!

Berry Cakes

Fresh summer berries are a delight to behold and their bright colors and sweet flavors are perfect for featuring as the main ingredients in these delicious cakes.

Stone Fruit Cakes

Peaches, plums, nectarines all make for different and unusual cakes that are just as at home for a sweet breakfast as they are for special occasions like birthday celebrations.

Cherry Cakes

Sweet and sour cherries provide a wide range of flavor that go well with everything from cream to chocolate and everything in between.

Vegetable Cakes

While the fruits of summer make amazing cakes, we should not forget that vegetables do too. These are sure to inspire creative use of all your garden abundance with their different flavors.

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