Make this summer season one of intention and simplicity.
Join us for 8 weeks of celebrating summer's abundance and unique gifts. 

This free course is designed to help you embrace the summer season with weekly lessons that will inspire and encourage. We'll skip the overwhelm and build our skills in relaxed and fun atmosphere. 

The e-course will include recipes, projects, and tips to make the most of summer abundance while also cultivating a simple, seasonal lifestyle that includes time for rest, fun, creativity, and meaningful relationships.

An Intentional Summer kicks off on June 24, 2018
Register now and get ready to kick off a mindful summer!

I'm Kathie, a student and practitioner of simple, seasonal living for over 20 years. I've been a teacher and a writer for over 15 years and love guiding folks to live empowered and handmade lives.  

I try to choose a life of mindful intention and simplicity on a daily basis. It's an amazing journey and one I enjoy sharing with other like-minded individuals.

Have questions? Email me: [email protected]