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Summer Pie Recipes

Highlight the fresh fruit of the season with one of these easy summer pie recipes.

As the summer months roll along make a delicious fruit pie as a way to celebrate and share the season – they’re easy and always tasty.

There’s no need for a ton of fuss or secret ingredients here, let your favorite fruit shine in layers of delicious pastry.

A lattice topped cherry pie as seen from above with an open cookbook surrounded by fresh cherries on the table. Text overlay reads: Summer pies 20+ homemade recipes

The Crust

A pie obviously needs a crust. And it is often the crust that can make or break a pie.

That doesn’t need to be intimidating however.

The thing with pie crust, like most things including baking techniques, is that practice makes perfect. And well at least with pie crust you get to eat the practice.

Every family, it seems, has their own perfect pie crust recipe. Go with that for tradition sake or if you don’t like it experiment and find one you like better.

In a pinch, you can buy pie dough at the grocery store, either frozen or refrigerated. In my experience, they are not as good as homemade crust nor do they save that much time but it is an option.

A pie crust made with lard is super traditional and definitely the way grandma made them.

I’ve made them with lard, myself, but honestly prefer an all butter pie crust.

One can make a sourdough pie crust, of course.

These days pie crusts can easily be made gluten-free.

Vegan options made with shortening also abound.

Many fruit pies require a double crust, but if you’re making a lattice top you’ll have leftovers. Freeze that leftover pie crust in a bag and toss extras in there each and every time you have a pie. When there’s enough thaw in the refrigerator and make another pie.

Baking in Summer

Turning the oven on to do some baking on a hot day is the last thing many of us want to do. The idea of making the house even hotter never feels wise or good even if we get pie in the end.

A lattice topped cherry pie as seen from above with an open cookbook surrounded by fresh cherries on the table.

Choose to bake pies in the cooler evenings rather than midday. Choose cloudy or rainy days to turn on the oven. Work with mother nature and the temperatures not against.

The great thing about this collection of easy summer pies is that it allows you to try different recipes based on the abundance of fruits throughout the summer season.

How to Serve

A slice of pie is a complete dessert. One can never go wrong by simply serving it that way alongside some kind of tasty drink hot or cold.

For parties or potlucks, an assortment of different fruit pies can be lovely.

A slice of berry pie on a plate with scoops of vanilla ice cream and a fork. In the background is the remaining pie and a wooden bowl full of fresh berries.

A scoop of ice cream is always welcome on a hot summer day and even more so when it’s on a slice of homemade pie.

Whipped cream – especially if freshly made – always makes pie feel like a decadent dessert.

Pie for breakfast with a cup of coffee is a great option.

Summer Pie Recipes

Choose local fruits whenever possible for the freshest and most flavorful pies. Definitely pick your own either through foraging or you-pick farms when you can. Buy from the farmer's market or from community members when picking your own isn't an option.

Berry Pies

Those juicy and sweet summer berries make for amazing pies. Pick your favorites and choose a below from the list. In most cases, one berry can easily be substituted for another so use your favorite.

Cherry Pies

Sweet and sour cherries both have a place in our summer fruit pie routine. Try both types or even mix them together for a sweet and tart pie that is sure to please.

Peach and Nectarine Pies

Sweet and juicy fresh peaches are bits of summer gold and pies made from them often feel old-fashioned and comforting like no other pie. And don't forget nectarines are just fuzzless peaches and make for great pie, too!

Apricot Pies

Apricots are similar to peaches and nectarines but have a flavor all their own and deserving of their very own pie recipes.

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