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Using Dandelions for Gift Giving

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Dandelions get a very bad reputation. Oh, they ruin a perfect lawn, some folks will say. Others, like me, see them as a beautiful boon. They feed the bees, liven up a landscape, and provide us with food, medicine, and countless opportunities for use in gift giving. Rather than try to eradicate try using dandelions for a multitude of gift ideas with these easy, fun, and frugal projects.

A single dandelion in bloom in the grass with text overlay

Gifts from Home Throughout the Year

There’s nothing better than a homemade gift given from someone’s garden. Having those gifts be easily made and spread throughout the year rather than one giant rush is a blessing too. Dandelions offer us the best of both worlds. We can make fresh and quick gifts for things in-season while also making and preserving some other things to give later.

Using Dandelions for Food Gifts

Dandelions are completely edible from the roots to the flowers. The yellow petals of dandelion have a faint honey-like flavor that is ideal for a number of sweet applications. The greens are delicious for savory meals. The roots are often prized for their coffee-like flavor. 

Single dandelion blossom in grass next to a wall.

Recipe Ideas for Immediate Gift Giving:

Use the dandelion greens to make pesto. Pesto can be frozen, but it would make a delightful gift to give rather quickly as a hostess or thank you gift.

Send peanut butter dandelion cookies in a care package to a loved one far away.

Dandelions can even be used in a delicious and beautiful birthday cake.

Preservation Recipes for Later Gift Giving:

Preserve those petals in a dandelion jelly. Make it up now and keep it on hand for gifts whenever something quick is needed.

Combine dandelion petals with forsythia flowers for another floral jelly gift.

Dandelion jelly in a jar sitting in front of a window.

If you practice home brewing, dandelion wine is a classic and makes for a one-of-a-kind gift.

Want to skip the home brewing but still create an adult beverage to give friends and family? Try infusing dandelion petals in brandy for sweet bottled gift.

Using Dandelions for Body Product Gifts

Dandelion petals have numerous benefits to the body. They can reduce inflammation, soften the skin, relieve itch, and more. Harvest some from the yard and use them in body products that make for ideal care package filler.

Use that infused oil in some homemade herbal bath bombs.

A dandelion balm can help with achy joints, dry skin, and more.

Make an infused dandelion oil for use in a number of salves, lotions, and more. Or simply give as a natural massage oil.

dandelion blossoms in a jar of olive oil.

Dandelion Shampoo Bars would make a great gift for most any occasion.

Let nothing go to waste this spring and take complete advantage of the free resources of  Mother Nature by using dandelions as the basis for many gift giving needs. 

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Cheryl Dawson Leach

Wednesday 1st of May 2019

GREAT article, Kathie! Thank you for all the inspiring ideas.

Kathie Lapcevic

Thursday 2nd of May 2019

Thanks so much!