10 Tips to Embrace Spring Living

Homespun Seasonal Living

Spring is coming. As the seasons change, try using these tips to embrace spring living and all of its unique qualities and abundances.

Plant Something Edible

It doesn’t have to be a huge garden, though certainly can be. Grow a few herbs on the windowsill.

Eat Spring Foods

Even if you’re not growing all the food you’re likely to eat, do still eat within the season. Spring is the time for fresh greens, eggs, peas, morel mushrooms, asparagus, rhubarb, radishes, and more.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Clean up the dust and soot from the heating system. Wash those quilts and curtains, hang them out on the line to dry. Put the winter woolens away and protect them from insects.

Get Outside

This is my standard advice for every season but after a long winter, walking outside in the spring can be especially delightful. Bask in the warmer sun when it appears. Celebrate walking in fewer layers and without ice cleats on the shoes.

Forage for a Wild Edible

Harvest some dandelion greens and make noodles. Use lilac blossoms in some cookies. Take a walk around the yard or unsprayed park and gather some wild foods to eat.

Preserve Food

While you’re eating all those seasonal foods, be sure to save some for the next season when they might be as abundant or available at all. Can stewed rhubarb for fall oatmeal. Freeze herbal pesto. Dry herbs for winter soups.

Practice Self Care

Put aside time to take care of yourself. Drink tea, read a book, record the day in a journal. Take time to be still and reflect. Also, do something fun and meaningful to you – perhaps that is going for a walk, maybe it’s getting a massage.

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Homespun Seasonal Living