Canning Tips to Save Time, Money, & Energy

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Food preservation can be exhausting. It’s worthwhile but still exhausting. Thankfully we can learn canning tips from other practitioners to save ourselves some time, money, and energy.

Sterilizing is No Longer Required

If you’ve been canning for a long time this might be a new idea, but it is a huge time savings. You can warm your jars first but its no longer necessary to sterilize.

Inspect Those Jars First

Save the heartache of unsealed lids or money wasting broken jars (and ruined food) in the canner by doing a careful inspection first before putting any food inside.

Skip the Peeling (most of the time)

I never peel nectarines, pears, plums, tomatoes, etc., I make sure to give everything a good scrub and wash first, of course.

Break It Up Into Small Steps

This tip has saved me so much stress over the years: Break up canning tasks when ever possible.

Keep It Easy on Your Feet & Back

Connie from Urban Overalls suggests – “Invest in a cushioned mat and place that in front of the stove. It really gives your feet and back some relief during a long day of canning.”

Slow Cook Sauces

When making fruit butters, tomato sauces, ketchups, etc. Puree the ingredients and put it into the slow cooker. Leave the lid off, so the steam can escape, and put it on low.

Have Spare Parts & Keep Things Stocked

Chris from Joybilee Farm shared this very good tip, “Always keep a spare rubber ring / gasket and pressure valve for the pressure canner.

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Homespun Seasonal Living