Spring Herbal Remedies

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Make the most of the spring season by making these herbal remedies now to use for the entire year ahead.

Dandelion Flower Infused Oil

Infuse dandelion flowers in oil for soothing relief to arthritic joints. Use the infused oil for salves, massage lotion, and more.

Chickweed Bath Vinegar

Use this simple chickweed bath vinegar to help relieve itchy skin.

Birch Leaf Oil 

Infuse birch leaves into oil for a soothing muscle rub. Use the infused oil as is for a massage lotion or incorporate into your favorite balm or salve for even more uses.

Herbal Drawing Salve

Get rid of splinters, slivers, stingers, and more from the skin by learning how to make a homemade herbal drawing salve with this simple recipe.

Comfrey Poultice

Poultices are a staple in our first aid kit. Learn how to make comfrey poultice to keep in the freezer so it's ready when you need it.

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Violet Flower Glycerite

Those gorgeous, tender flowers are powerhouses of medicinal use. Violets help with swollen glands, sore throats, and more.

Photo Credit: thenerdyfarmwife.com

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