Is it time to connect to a more natural rhythm of life? Are you trying to disconnect from the sometimes overwhelming madness of modern living and connect instead to the seasonal shifts of the earth?

The Winter Seasonal Living E-Course is here to help make sense of seasonal living without all the hype or pressure that so often accompanies the mainstream trends.

Simple, seasonal living is as old as humanity itself, however; many of use are disconnected from the rhythms of the earth and how those very natural shifts play out in our hearts and homes. Seasonal living isn’t about following modern trendy thinking or buying anything special – it is simply about embracing the natural cyclical progression of the earth and allowing it to guide our days rather than the prescribed rhythms set by advertising and marketing campaigns. Seasonal living is done by the work of our own hands and without outside pressures.

By the end of the 10 day course, you’ll have a seasonal living foundation from which you can launch your own seasonal goals and priorities. A foundation that is built on simple, seasonal living principles that will connect you to the earth in a no-pressure, easily accomplished fashion.

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Take some time this January and disconnect from those outside, unnatural pressures and reconnect to a more gentle seasonal rhythm with this e-course full of practical and fun projects.

The Winter Seasonal Living E-Course encourages and leads you to a seasonal living path with gentle prompts and ideas to help define personal priorities. Folks more experienced with seasonal living will find new inspiration and tons of projects to reignite personal priorities that may have fallen to the side during the busy end of year cycle.

Students are encouraged to work the course at their own pace and pick and choose which projects to do or not as it fits. The daily e-mails range in variety from complete DIY projects to simple journal prompts and everything in between.

The Winter Seasonal Living E-Course includes:

  • 10 e-mails over the course of 3 weeks.

  • 30+ food recipes – all from scratch with whole food ingredients

  • Fun & introspective printables to help further your journey

  • 10+ DIY projects with full instructions and recipes

  • A private class Facebook page to interact with other students (not required, but fun)

  • Private, additional support from me as needed

The winter 2017 session will kick off on January 9, 2017.

During this e-course, you’ll receive 10 e-mails on the following topics:

~ Setting Intentions

~ Using a Journal to Connect with the Seasons

~ Seasonal Food Spotlight : Winter Citrus

~ DIY Seasonal Project : Making Sugar Scrubs

~ Connecting to Nature

~ Seasonal Food Spotlight : Homemade Soups

~ Winter Rest

~ DIY Seasonal Project : Making Lip Balm

~ Nesting at Home

~ Seasonal Food Spotlight : Hot Drinks

E-mails will come on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays.​

"Inspiring, thoughtful journey"

“With Homespun Seasonal Living, Kathie Lapcevic leads students on an inspiring, thoughtful journey to a seasonal lifestyle. Approachable, warm and humorous, Kathie is exactly the sort of guide you would want to help you navigate life’s changing seasons.”

- Anna

"The course was a nice balance of planning, doing, and reflecting, along with recipes and DIY projects."

"“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I signed up for the Homespun Seasonal Living e-course, but our family has been experiencing a renewal of gardening, food preservation, healthy eating, and self-sufficiency, so I thought perhaps this course would fit right in. And it did! – You don’t have to live on 40 acres to benefit from this course – she makes it easy to begin by doing just one thing and then finding ways to connect that one thing to your everyday living, interacting with your community, and planning for the future, while emphasizing the importance of rest and play activities, too! – The course was a nice balance of planning, doing, and reflecting, along with recipes and DIY projects. Many of her suggestions for activities became jumping-off points for my own imagination based on my specific needs and interests. Most importantly, it got me thinking about meaningful goals, and “digging deep” to find out what’s really important to me and my family. – I really liked Kathie’s “no guilt” approach – she emphasized doing as little or as much as we had the time and energy for. This was especially meaningful for me as we are working through a difficult family situation, health wise, and I knew I could not fully participate in every single activity at this time. I know I will be using the materials on-going to fill in and expand on for quite some time.”

- Nadine

"Kept me on track and in touch with the season"

“Kathie’s daily communications and well-thought-out lesson plan really kept me on track and in touch with the season. I experienced so much more than ever before–from identifying the birds in my backyard to connecting with the vendors at my local farmers market. It was fun, and having Kathie as a guide made it all possible.”

- Katherine

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