Get Creative with Herbal Cookery

It's so much more than seasoning and tea.

Registration for the Fall 2016 Session is now closed. 

Do you look at your flourishing herb garden and wonder what to do with it all?

‚ÄčAre you wanting to take more advantage of the edible weeds in your yard?

The Herbal Cookery E-Course is here to provide:

  • Instruction in the basics of harvesting herbs and food making
  • More than 50 recipes for creative herbal cookery
  • Money saving tactics to use homegrown herbs over expensive store purchased items
  • Printable planners, labels, and much more
  • An interactive community for inspiration and encouragement

Watch the video for a brief introduction to what herbal cookery is all about:

We start on September 19, 2016. Lessons are e-mailed every Monday. Students have unlimited access to a private forum to interact, ask questions, share photos, and more. 

Join us for the 5 Week Herbal Cookery Course and enjoy:

Preservation Basics

In this first lesson, we'll cover harvesting herbs as well as preservation methods for storage and winter cooking.


During week 2, we'll start infusing herbs into vinegar, honey, salt, and more for creative culinary cooking later.


We'll go beyond just basic herbal tea in week 3 and talk about smoothies, hot chocolate, and much more. 

Savory Dishes

Bring those herbs into main and side dishes by allowing them to be merely a hint in or the star of savory dishes in week 4. 


Herbs can be so much more than sauce seasoning, in week 5 we'll use them in dessert dishes from simple to elegant. 


A private forum for herbal cookery students will allow creative discussion, sharing of photos, & much more interaction.

Registration for the Herbal Cookery E-Course is $37. Secure your spot:

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