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3 Simple Steps to Daily D.I.Y. Living

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This whole idea of handmade, do-it-yourself living is rather trendy.  I know this because I saw television commercial recently talking about handmade cool. While I’m always glad to see people doing-it-themselves, the problem with trendy movements is that simple things suddenly become overwhelming in scope and design. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the rule. In fact, it shouldn’t be – handmade living should be about simple, personal priorities lived out fully and with passion. Take control of your habits and home with these 3 simple steps to daily D.I.Y living.

Keep your handmade living priorities front and center with these 3 simple steps to daily D.I.Y. living.

Step 1: Cook and Eat Real Food from Scratch

First, this is not about 5-course meals served several times a day on fancy china. As Julia Child said, “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” It is about taking control of the kitchen and creating tasty, nourishing meals. These meal can be simple. A day’s meals might look like scrambled eggs with sourdough toast for breakfast, a giant salad for lunch with some fruit, and finally dinner of soup or stew cooked all day I the slow cooker. Oh, fancy I nice now and then if you like to cook but never feel like it has to take that turn.

The bonus of this step is that it helps create healthier bodies full of energy for all those other activities, like gardening or pottery, that D.I.Y. folks tend to enjoy. 


Step 2: Keep the Home & Body Clean Naturally

Now cleaning toilets is not one of my favorite things, let’s just be honest about that upfront. It is however, necessary, as is cleaning the rest of the house and the bodies that call it home. The D.I.Y. way means using and making natural products – often from products that are also found in our food pantries. Homemaking and grooming happens on some level every day so by making or tweaking our own products, we’re making daily D.I.Y. living simple and easy without all those bits of overwhelm that comes with trends found in mainstream magazines.


Step 3: Healing with Herbs

This is not about becoming a master herbalist or finding the cure for cancer in the herb garden. (Though if that’s your passion, go for it.) It is about using herbs as appropriate for simple, daily issues. Herbs, whether homegrown or purchased, provide us with numerous opportunities to take control of our health in a very hands-on way every single day. This about drinking the mint tea to help with indigestion, taking the valerian tincture as a sleep aid, and much more.



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Chris from Joybilee Farm is Fiercely DIY and she will inspire and encourage you in what she does and doesn't do.
Chris from Joybilee Farm is Fiercely D.I.Y.
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Kristen Lewis

Friday 12th of February 2021

Lately, I have been trying teach my 12year old daughter to look for those helpful little herbs and plants that we have in our yard, and the neighborhood. We are going on walks and foraging for as many of the plants as we can find. I have introduced her to drying in the oven and we have made our own apothecary using old bottles and containers in the home. We keep a journal on all the properties and uses, and not only do I feel grateful for the time being spent together, but for the knowledge and the skills of herbal medicine and living simply. She is well on her way to growing into a lovely, well prepared young lady who will be able to help her own family. Thanks for your site! We use it religiously!

Angi @ SchneiderPeeps

Thursday 10th of September 2015

I really appreciate your simple approach to a DIY lifestyle. It can get so overwhelming and it really doesn't have to be. I often need to be reminded of that.