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5 Daily Habits to Save Money

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Frugality serves many purposes in many seasons of a life. Sometimes it’s a matter of necessity, money is simply tight and frugal habits can help make ends meet.  Sometimes frugality is a means to meet an end, saving money now means a dream vacation later or a down payment (even payment in full) on a homestead later. There are big things that can be done to save money but it’s the daily habits where life happens and where money is saved over the long term and in less drastic ways.  Sure giving up an apartment and living in a tent can save money but for most that isn’t a long term or comfortable solution.  Rather than focusing on larger, maybe extreme methods focus on these simple 5 daily habits to save money over the long term.

 Create a frugal routine with these 5 daily habits to save money over the long term.

1. Eat In

Cook food at home from whole, natural ingredients. Don’t waste leftovers and pack a lunch when going to work or school.  Restaurant meals are naturally marked-up and not usually as healthy as a home cooked meal.  Cook from scratch and learn to make things similar to favorite restaurants.  Pizza is easily and frugally made at home for example.  Can a hamburger for 99 cents be made at home?  Not likely but what is made at home will be healthier and tastier.  Eating at home can also mean better nutrition (assuming food is cooked from healthful ingredients) leading to potentially less need for expensive health care.  Save eating out for special occasions and delight in those occasions as a real treat.

2. Stay Home

There’s a lot to be said about being a home body. Obviously there are times when leaving home is a necessity but have planned home days and stick to them.  Don’t run out for those potatoes that the pot pie recipe calls for, find a way to make do at home with what’s on hand.  Learn to do hobbies and find entertainment, as well as rejuvenation and solace, at home.

3. Drink & Carry Tap Water

Quit buying expensive bottled water and carry stainless steel bottles of water from the home tap instead.  If for some reason, the tap water isn’t healthy or tasty, do invest in a purifier of some sort.  That purchase will pay off in the long run in terms of actual cash and health.  Don’t go anywhere without that bottle full to ensure that thirst and temptation don’t ruin an otherwise frugal day.

4. Go for a Walk

Take a walk around the neighborhood. Walking has so many benefits physically and mentally.  The bit of exercise helps keep a body fit and healthy, helps build the immune system, and more.  These healthful benefits can help us stay out of the doctor’s office which can help save money.  Walking also helps clear the head and gets a homebody outside which can be rejuvenating to the soul.  This break in the day can also help the brain reset and prevent impulse purchases and more simply by providing time to breathe and let go.  Walking outside saves money on a gym membership, too.

5. Brew Your Own Coffee or Tea

Those coffeehouse drinks are extremely expensive. Brew regular coffee at home and learn to customize it, to best suit individual tastes. Chai and other fancy teas are easily made at home, as well.  Get a good travel mug – they’re easily found at thrift stores and cleaned for use if one isn’t already buried in a cabinet. Fill that mug up before leaving home to avoid the temptation of a drive through coffee stand.

These are small, simple habits but they do add up over the long term.  Be sure to put that saved money aside for something special and have a financial plan to steer the course.

What daily habits do you practice to save money?

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Laura Adney

Monday 11th of February 2019

These are great tip to save! Have to apply them lol


Tuesday 22nd of December 2015

These are good tips that anyone can do. I think we overlook simple solutions too often in favor of flashier methods that fizzle over time.

Homespun Seasonal Living

Wednesday 23rd of December 2015

We all want quick fixes, I'm not immune to that myself, but when it comes to the long term simple things often have a way of adding up.

antoinette viljoen

Friday 6th of November 2015

We do all the above mentioned. Grow own herbs,vegetables,fruits and flowers. Can,dry and freeze all produce and make own essential oils and tinctures. Make dishwasher detergent and handwash/shower gels. Difficult to obtain all ingredients to make soap and creams. Adapt by buying beebalm and zinc/castor oil creams and using them mixed with aqueous cream. Active oils and ingredients added to base cream. Bake own bread and biscuits, but occasionally buy preservative free loaves and freeze them. Download free ebooks to my blackberry fone (60 rand a month for internet, fbook and whatsap etc - 6$) and print them and bind on bookbinding machine. Cook extra portions and freeze them in small plastic containers. Likewise cook soup,stews and curries in bulk and freeze. Add purified water to bleach and fabric softener and thus lengthen its use. Recycle as much as possiblle and all containers and bottles washed for re-use. Do all beauty treatments at home and use castor oil instead of expensive serum for dealing with wrinkles.


Monday 2nd of November 2015

Be careful with what hobbies you choose. They can get expensive. Look around at thrift stores and garage sales for second hand items. I enjoy knitting while watching netflix when I'm at home. Sometimes, I do projects around the house. There are some hobbies that are relatively inexpensive that can be done outside the house. :)

Lila Arce

Tuesday 4th of August 2015

I save money by cutting out Directv and watching over the air antenna FREE. Cooking at home and only eating out once a month. I dye my own hair at home saving money and gas. I only run errands if I'm going to multiple places, instead of just going out just for one thing. I also pay bills online and save money on stamps. I also bake at home instead of buying sweets from the grocery store. I also only use my large appliances after 6:00 p.m. and use electricity only in the room we're in or using. Also only watering two or three times a week to save water and money on utilities. Bathing our dog with Dawn dish soap, instead of taking her to the dog groomer. I also do my own waxing and pedicure at home saving lots of money and tips. I also only buy what we need, and do not spend our money on junk.

Homespun Seasonal Living

Tuesday 4th of August 2015

Such great ideas, thanks for sharing.