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Cozy Candle Holders

 [image of smooth stone in hand]

Are you the kind of nature nerd (like me) who slides small stones into your pocket every time you go for a hike?

[image of hand holding driftwood]

Do you collect feathers, branches, and vines for those one-of-these-days projects? 

[image of pressed flowers and leaves]

Are the pages of your heaviest books filled with pressed flowers and leaves from gardens past?

Well, you can bring those natural treasures out of storage and into the light with my e-book filled with easy instructions for making simple, inexpensive candle holders. 

H2: Spark Imagination

The Cozy Candle Holders ebook includes seven unique projects that invite you to use your stash of wildcrafted natural materials to adorn glass candle holders—all for only $xx.  

Add textured, cozy warmth to any room in any season using simple materials.Memorialize your love of the natural world and enhance your living space.Make affordable gifts for any occasion for the nature lovers in your life.

Once you’ve explored these simple projects, you can apply the ideas to other materials you collect from nature. 

Are you ready to get started crafting your own custom candle holders and bring the warm light of nature into your home? 

Download Cozy Candle Holders Today!