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Spring Cookie Recipes

Celebrate the shift in seasons and all the gifts of the earth with these delicious spring cookies.

These easy recipes feature simple and natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers.

Make big batches to keep and share with friends and family near and far. These are also the perfect spring desserts to make for the charity bake sale, potluck, and beyond.

Anise hyssop whoopie pies on a square white plate surrounded by hyssop flowers with text overlay reading: homemade spring cookie recipes.

Spring Season Produce

Go beyond the standard and oh-so-wonderful chocolate chip cookies by featuring the produce of spring in your homemade cookies.

Spring is the time for fresh herbs. These wonderful bits of greenery are often the first things to pop up from the earth after a long winter. So often we think of them being medicinal or savory but many are also make a delicious cookie .

Fruits like rhubarb and strawberries also make great cookies. Granted fresh fruits add a lot of moisture to cookies but it can be done with tasty results.

A metal bucket full of rhubarb stalks sitting on the ground next to rhubarb leaves.

If you keep chickens, spring tends to be quite a productive time and big batches of cookies are a great way to use up extra eggs.

Even vegetables like fresh spring carrots can make for lovely cookies.

Amazing Gifts

Cookies are the perfect sweet treats to give as gifts. They mail wonderfully in most cases and are great things to tuck into an easter basket for the kids and gift baskets for the neighbors.

Be sure to wrap cookies in plastic wrap or other airtight container like tins or plastic bags for shipping and giving. No one wants to give or receive stale cookies.

A box or basket of cookies is a great way to say happy spring or welcome to the neighborhood or thank you and well most anything else.

Use cookies to celebrate a special occasion or just to give a special treat on an ordinary weekday.

Freeze for Later

Make your cookies full of spring ingredients now and freeze them for snacking and serving later.

You have two easy options here, choose whichever works best for you.

Make the cookie dough now. Drop the cookies onto your parchment paper lined cookie sheets. Freeze until solid. Place the mounds of frozen dough into plastic bags and freeze until you’re ready to bake.

Cookies stacked on a plate with fresh dandelions flowers sitting on it.

When you’re ready to bake simply place the frozen cookie dough onto prepared baking sheet and bake as directed by the recipe. For best results add an extra minute or two to account for the frozen not room temperature dough.

Alternatively, bake and cool cookies completely on a wire rack. Once cool place in containers or bags and freeze. When ready to eat simply pull out of the freezer and let thaw or even eat frozen.

Looking for more spring dessert recipes? Try one of these favorites:

Spring Cookie Recipes

Pick one or several of these spring cookie treats to celebrate the season in decadent style.

Spring Flower Cookies

The gorgeous blooms of spring are a wonder to behold. Not every flower is edible, of course, but for the ones that are making cookies from them is a very good thing.

Herbal Cookies

Take advantage of those tender and fresh herbs for some sweet cookie baking. These are a great way to share the herb garden with folks near and far as well.

Fruit Cookies

Using fresh fruit in cookies can sometimes be difficult because of all the moisture but the following favorite cookie recipes are the perfect balance of soft, sweet, and handheld dessert.

Vegetable Cookies

Most of us don't think of adding veggies to our cookies but these amazing types show us sweet it is to try!

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