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3 Uses for Broth Beyond Soup

Making soup broth is a great way to use up scraps of vegetables and animal bones in our kitchen. However, it does no good to avoid the scrap waste and then let the broth go to waste. Obviously, soup broth is great for well, soups. The thing is not everyone is a soup lover, thankfully broth can be used in a multitude of other ways than just being the flavorful base of a bowl of soup. Keep these 3 uses for broth beyond soup in mind for those days when stocking your pantry and cooking those meals from scratch:

Soup broth is a great way to avoid waste and the basis for many meals. Keep these 3 uses for broth beyond soup in mind for delicious meals.

1. Pureed & Mashed Vegetables:

Sure milk, cream, even plain water can be used but substituting some homemade broth in that pureed cauliflower or mashed potatoes changes the flavor a bit and might even give it more nutritional value. It’s a great way to keep things dairy free for folks who might be allergic while giving those dishes more flavor than plain water.

2. Cooking Grains:

Use broth to cook and flavor your grains before adding them to other dishes and casseroles.Rice cooks up just fine in plain water but consider cooking it in broth instead for a deeper flavor to stir-frys or chili. This is true for other grains as well like quinoa or barley. Consider cooking those grains in broth and then stuffing into mushrooms for a tasty and unusual appetizer or main course.

3. Braising Liquid:

Often wine is used to braise meat and  vegetables, it adds great flavor but not everyone wants to cook with wine, broth makes an excellent substitution. Slow cook those meats and hearty vegetables in broth for tasty and frugal meals. Try Braised Turnips with Potatoes and Sausage if you’re looking for some braising inspiration.

As you work on reducing your food waste and using up every scrap in your kitchen be sure to make up big pots of soup broth and remember that it’s good for more than just soup.

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