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Summer Seasonal Eating

This is the time of year that my northwest Montana garden truly begins to flourish.  There are so many yummy things to eat and preserve and just generally look at in complete, humbled awe.  It can be a little overwhelming when you’re new to gardening or seasonal eating figuring out how to deal with everything and keep it tasty and inspired so that no one gets tired of eating the 1,000th radish to come from the garden this week.  No matter how experienced we are, however; we all could see a little fresh inspiration and encouragement now and then.  Here are some summer seasonal eating ideas from my kitchen to yours:

Summer Seasonal Eating - Homespun Seasonal Living

Change That Thinking:

Who says we can’t have a green salad for breakfast?  It seems a little different for many of us westerners, but it’s tasty, filling, and a very nutritious way to start the day.  Load it up with nuts and fruits if you need to make feel more like a traditional breakfast.  Add those greens to smoothies, too. 

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Go Simple:

Every meal, heck most meals don’t need to be fancy multiple course affairs.  Keep it simple.  A simple pan-fried piece of meat and some roasted root vegetables makes a satisfying meal for even the most die-hard meat & potatoes folks in my experience.  Lunches and snacks of the bits and pieces of what’s fresh can be fun and interesting: think a few homegrown berries, some radishes slices with a tasty dip, maybe some popcorn, a bit of cheese, and some sun tea.

Summer Seasonal Eating - Homespun Seasonal Living

Try New Things:

Tired of raw radish slices?  Roast them for a fun and super tasty twist.  Steamed Brussels sprouts last all their luster?  Try frying halves them with a few strips of bacon for a completely different flavor.  Pinterest is never short ideas, feel free to check out my boards and you can always search there too – I know I do often. 

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Put Summer In a Jar:

Or dry it or freeze it.  Sometimes the garden or the CSA box just gives us too much goodness to eat all before it goes bad.  Hone those preservation skills and try saving some for another season.  Have you signed up for my newsletter?  I share lots of preservation tips and recipes there.

Summer Seasonal Eating - Homespun Seasonal Living

If you need a little extra encouragement: My friend, Teri is going to be leading an e-course all about local, empowered eating.  Registration doesn’t launch for a few weeks, but go over and sign-up to be on the list for more information.  I know her passion for local eating and compassion for people will combine in a mighty powerful way in this e-course.  I know I can’t wait to take it and I hope to see you there.

What’s your best summer seasonal eating tip?

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Wednesday 9th of July 2014

If your partner is staring at an unfamiliar vegetable in dismay, roast it or saute it (depending on the texture) with garlic and olive oil and maybe some red pepper flakes. The garlic-oil combo seems to make unknown green things or roots more appealing. I may or may not have resorted to this trick a lot.


Wednesday 9th of July 2014

There is something about roasting that makes most anything appealing. I like plenty of vegetables other ways but there is something about roasting that makes things super yummy.