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5 Steps to Find Focus & Rejuvenation

Whether it’s homesteading or writing or anything else for that matter, I get stuck sometimes.  I imagine everyone has that issue now and then.  If I’ve learned anything over the years, however; is that the muse is horribly unreliable and that I do my best work when I stay focused, work hard and work often.  This applies as much to writing and professional activities as it does to gardening, voluntary simplicity, and seasonal living.  It’s easy to lose our way in these modern days full of distractions, we can however combat that with these 5 steps to find focus & rejuvenation  take steps to find focus and reinvigoration instead of waiting for inspiration to strike.

We all get stuck sometimes, here are 5 steps to find focus & rejuvenation rather than waiting for the muse to strike.

Like anything, where we put our priorities and focus we find results.  Sometimes we drift, or well I do.  The great thing about that drift, however; is that when we get ourselves back on our chosen path we may find ourselves reinvigorated.  The toughest part, the trick if it were, is to get back on that path.

When I find myself drifting from chosen priorities or waiting for the muse to strike instead of working hard here are the I use these 5 steps to find focus & reinvigoration:

We all get stuck sometimes, here are 5 steps to find focus & rejuvenation rather than waiting for the muse to strike.

1. Make a List:

A to-do list is an amazing thing.  This lets us see what needs doing and perhaps more importantly it gives us a rush when we get to cross things off as accomplished.  It also helps understand us how much we’re trying to do and just maybe we’re trying to cram 36-hours worth of work into an 18-waking hour day.

2. Get Organized:

Sometimes it’s something as simple as organizing seeds or canning jars.  Other times it’s cataloging recipes in the recipe journal.  It’s much easier to figure out where to go next when we can plainly see what we’ve got and where we’ve been.

3. Re-examine Priorities:

Sometimes what was once a priority simply isn’t anymore.  There’s no shame or harm in letting something go to the wayside so that we can focus on what is important now.   In fact, I’m of the opinion we should celebrate that more, letting go is an important part of growth.

4. Talk about It:

Simply voicing our priorities gives them prominence.  Once spoken out loud they take on new importance.  Talk about those priorities and dreams with friends and family, tweet about it, post it to Facebook, share them in the comments.  Just simply talk about them and allow them grow because you’ve ‘birthed’ them to the world.

5. Get Busy:

Whether in small steps or big ones, simply get busy.  Take a step, each and every day that isn’t a rest day.  Do something, anything that makes those priorities take center stage.  You’ll feel better for it, because working towards a goal rarely leads to regret.  Can you say that about not working towards a goal?

It might take some time but here’s the thing, progress is always a huge thing.  Progress is always worth celebrating, so once you get back on the path celebrate your accomplishment and then repeat the above steps and I’m willing to bet that inspiration windfall that has nothing to do with a muse and everything to do with your determination will become a regular part of your life.

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Saturday 14th of February 2015

"There’s no shame or harm in letting something go to the wayside so that we can focus on what is important now."

Thank you for these words! I am currently working on giving myself permission to let some things go that I feel obligated to do but which are simply not a priority anymore, as I need to focus on my family right now. It's hard to do, especially when things that were once a priority involve other people depending on us--hard to feel like we're letting others down (even if they truly will be just fine without us).


Monday 3rd of March 2014

This is the perfect time for reflection, as spring is around the corner!


Monday 3rd of March 2014

I have the hardest time with #3...I really need to rethink my priorities more often. But I like having my hand in everything... :)