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How to Be a Happy Homebody

Learning how to be a happy homebody is a valuable and frugal skill that can serve our lives in a variety of ways. Even if being a homebody isn’t how you’re naturally wired, there are ways to improve upon and embrace it.

A coffee mug, books, and candle sitting a blanket draped over a chair with text overlay.

Finding enjoyment at home generally means living more simply which often translates into spending less money and finding ways to calm the body and soul in the ever increasing speed of life. 

Embrace Hobbies

Hobbies are valuable for a number of reasons. They keep our hands and minds busy, they teach us valuable skills, and can provide us with gifts as well as items to barter or sell.

There’s no right or wrong here. Hobbies can be building model cars, knitting, quilting, gardening, cooking, and more.

Pick what you love or want to learn and can afford to do (buy supplies, necessary tools, etc.). Then simply get busy as time allows in the rest of the daily activities. 

Having more than one hobby is more than okay and remember that some hobbies might be seasonal in nature. I knit more in the winter for example than summer because I garden in the summer months. 

Use these hobbies as craft date ideas so that you can spend more quality time with that special someone.

Have Entertainment Easily in Reach

Entertainment can easily be hobbies. So have projects ready to work on. This is not an excuse to hoard or gather clutter – but do have something ready to work when the current project is done.

Entertainment can also be watching TV, movies, documentaries, etc. If you can afford a streaming service or cable / satellite make use of those things.

Remember to watch these expenses and make sure you’re using them enough to make it the actual dollars spent. Many library systems rent DVDs for frugal watching experiences as well. 

a book and knitting project with needles and ball of yarn on ottoman.

Reading books (or listening to audio books) can also be a great way to entertain and educate ourselves. Again make use of the local library, many systems have ebook and online audio book options as well as traditional book borrowing.

Board games can be a valuable source of entertainment for families. Have favorites on hand and institute game nights as a fun way to enjoy home and connect with each other.  

Learn to Stay Active

It can be super easy to confuse being a homebody with being a couch potato. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with binge watching some movies every now and then, there’s no need to only do that to pass the time as a homebody. 

Learn to putter around the house. This about engaging in hobbies, choosing wise entertainment options, doing chores, cooking from scratch, etc.

This is not about running around the house deep cleaning to the point of exhaustion. This is about learning to pass the time in the house in a way that feels good while also being rewarding. 

Learn to Rest

So many of us are accustomed to the glorification of busy that we don’t know how to slow down and simplify our lives. We don’t know how to just rest and be a human. Find a way to rest and calm yourself. 

This is about self-care but not necessarily about spa treatments (though it sure can be). Take time to sit on the porch and listen to the birds sing. Watch the sunset or listen to a thunderstorm. 

Burning candles on a wooden crate

It is okay (so much more than okay) to sit and do nothing. It takes some getting used to in our modern lives that say we have to be entertained or busy at every moment but practice and keep practicing.

Simply rest your body and mind so that both have the fuel needed to face other responsibilities of modern living.

Avoid Cabin Fever

Home is a wonderful place but those four walls can get confining. Avoid cabin fever by getting outside. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting in the car and going anywhere specific. It simply means getting some fresh air.

Take a walk around the walk to get nowhere in particular just to walk and inhale the fresh air. This can be If possible, walk an errand, to the post office or corner store for a quick snack.

Trees with changing leaf colors and a cloud covered mountain in the background

This is important for mental health even for the most natural, hard-core homebody in my experience, don’t overlook it.

The Power of Connection

Enjoying home does not necessarily mean not enjoying the company of others. There’s a time and a place for everything. Share meals to connect with friends and family as desired.

Remember to connect with loved ones far away through the telephone or video chat options as desired. This is a great way to stay connected but also embrace home. 

Stacks of letters and old books on table with a cup of coffee.

Don’t forget the power of old-fashioned letter writing. Write letters or jot simple notes onto the back of postcards and send them off. This simple bit of connection is fun for the writer and often a blessing to the recipient. 

Make Home An Enjoyable Place

Home is as individual as people. Make it yours. Paint it, decorate it in ways that feel good. Obviously, renters have to abide by agreements but do whatever is possible.

This is not about spending thousands of dollars on a remodeling project. That’s fine if the funds are available and the project is desired but it is by no means a requirement. 

An old white sided home on a hill.

Arrange the furniture in ways that best suit how spaces are used, how the light plays in the room, etc. Make sure the space feels inviting and this might include removing clutter or simply changing a few pillows or using a lighter fabric for curtains. 

The goal is to make home be a place where you want to be, where it feels safe and comfortable. Make it practical and beautiful in whatever ways are meaningful to you and the others living there. 

Find Endless Gratitude

Honestly, be grateful for home. Whatever home is right at this moment. It doesn’t matter if it’s your dream home or if you want something different or if you’d rather own than rent or if you want to live in a different town – find gratitude for whatever roof covers you every single day.

That’s the key to happiness in the end. Gratitude for what’s currently in hand. Keep a journal to stay on track and for easy reflection on the tough days.

A closed journal with pen on top.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have different / bigger goals, you can, but for now be grateful for where you’re planted and celebrate it. 

Whether or not you think of yourself as a homebody the above tips can surely help anyone enjoy home, find some frugal outlets, and slow the pace of modern living ever so slightly. 

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Wednesday 19th of July 2023

I have always loved and appreciated my home over the years (39 years in one home and 10 in a second home). Although I worked "outside my home" for many years and spent 20 years operating my own publishing business in my home, my time with my family, pets, and gardens has been my "sanctuary". After COVID isolation, I realized how peaceful and wonderful this "nest" could be and my husband (who suffers from a lung condition) and I were cautious and slow upon "RE-ENTRY". We have made a conscious decision to return only to the things that are vital to maintaining our health . . . physical health includes doctor/dental/optometrist appointments; social health includes select gatherings of friends and a few chosen events; emotional and spiritual health includes our faith/fellowship activities.

Honestly, Kathie, I am so happy to find your "Homespun Seasonal Living" articles! The information is useful, wise, and comforting. It's wonderful to know others are making the choice to live "simple, intentional lives". Thank you for your wonderful philosophies, ideas, and information!



Sunday 18th of September 2022

I am a natural home body and it has only gotten stronger over the years lol. I have gained experience from things that have helped me improve my home over the years through ways that, at the time, didn't seem as relevant as they do now. For instance, years ago, I worked as a maid. I hated the job because of the company, but I still buy and use the cleaning supplies I used then because I learned they work best. I also worked in maintenance at a Subway back then too and both changed how I clean my house to this day. Sometimes, things that feel tedious at the moment, can really be a big blessing down the line. Use whatever thing you learn outside your home to make it a happier place as well. Thanks for this article!!

Sandee Protzmann

Wednesday 30th of December 2020

You have a great blog site. Thank you for all you do and have a safe and happy New Year:)

Karen Posselt

Tuesday 31st of March 2020

This is so lovely and calm. Thank you for the good advice! Many of us are struggling with this right now. I shared it on my FB page in hopes that it will help others!


Wednesday 25th of March 2020

Thank you very much for this article. It has many of points to consider and I know I'll implement in my life. I always knew I prefer being home, but "forgot" while we were raising children. Now that they are grown, I have more time to be a home body, and I'm liking it! Being grateful in every situation is the key to happiness.