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Nectarine Maple Vanilla Butter

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I got a very good deal on organic nectarines over the weekend.  The great thing about buying and canning a quantity of nectarines is that they don’t need peeling prior to canning, like peaches, and for this busy girl that is always a plus.  We quite enjoy nectarines canned in an extra light sugar syrup so I ended up doing 42 pints of that.  I wanted something special too, something I knew I could give away as gifts.  I wasn’t in the mood for jam making but I do love a good fruit butter and that’s what I decided on.  A Nectarine Maple Vanilla Butter to be exact.  I wanted to use our maple syrup in some kind of fruit preserve this summer and I do believe this was a perfect use.

Nectarine maple vanilla butter is a thick and creamy spread made slightly sweet and warming from maple syrup and vanilla - perfect for breakfast toast.

This is a simple recipe, with only a few ingredients, made even simpler by cooking it down in a slow cooker.  The nectarines stand out and the hint of maple syrup doesn’t over-sweeten it but rather adds just hint of flavor.


Yield: 5 Pints

Nectarine Maple Vanilla Butter

Nectarine maple vanilla butter is a thick and creamy spread made slightly sweet and warming from maple syrup and vanilla - perfect for breakfast toast.


  • 5 Pounds Nectarines, Pitted & Coarsely Chopped
  • 2 TBSP Lemon Juice
  • 1 Cup Water
  • ½ Cup Maple Syrup
  • 2 Vanilla Beans, Split & Scraped - save only the seeds scraped from the inside


  1. In a heavy sauce pan combine the nectarines, lemon juice, and water. Cover and bring to a simmer. Stirring frequently to prevent scorching, cook until fruit is soft - 10 to 20 minutes.
  2. Remove from heat and puree in a blender.
  3. Pour the puree into a slow cooker with the maple syrup and scraped vanilla beans. Set the slow cooker on high, do NOT cover. Allow the steam to escape. Stir occasionally and cook until the puree is a thick spreadable butter. Probably about 4 hours, but actual time will depend on your fruit and slow cooker.
  4. Pour into hot jars and can for 10 minutes in a boiling water bath (adjusting for elevation). 

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Thursday 16th of January 2020

How long does it keep for? Does it need to be refrigerated? Is it on par with Jam or significantly less given it doesn't have the huge sugar content?

Kathie Lapcevic

Thursday 16th of January 2020

All canned goods should be used up in a year. It doesn't need to be refrigerated as long as it is properly canned.


Tuesday 10th of September 2019

Do you think I could do this on low overnight in the crockpot instead of four hours on high? Maybe 7-8 hours?

Kathie Lapcevic

Wednesday 11th of September 2019

You could for sure do it on low but you'd still want to watch it for scorching. I don't know that I'd do it overnight just in case it cooks down faster than expected and you wake up to a pot of burned fruit...

Luther Utt

Tuesday 10th of September 2019

Instead of running soft from mixture through a blender, can you use a food mill? Just thinking that it would remove the skin of the nectarines unless that is a vital part of the taste. Thanks

Kathie Lapcevic

Tuesday 10th of September 2019

For sure use the food mill.


Thursday 30th of August 2018

Can you use just vanilla instead of the bean scrapings?


Thursday 22nd of August 2019

Did you happen to try it with just the vanilla extract instead of the beans? Curious how it turned out.

Kathie Lapcevic

Friday 31st of August 2018

I imagine you could but I haven't tested it. Maybe 2 teaspoons?


Sunday 26th of August 2018

Looks like a great recipe we receive some nectarines from a friend of ours off of their tree and wanted to try this recipe curious is it 5 lb nectarines after the pits are removed or as a whole fruit. Thank you

Kathie Lapcevic

Wednesday 29th of August 2018

5 pounds with the pits.

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