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Preserving Sage for Food and Medicine

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Sage often grows in abundance in many home gardens and has a multitude of culinary and medicinal benefits. Thankfully, preserving sage for food and medicine is relatively easy with very little hands-on time.

Sage stems on a white table.

Dry Sage

Simply cut the fresh sage, before it flowers, from the plant about an inch from the ground. Hang the herbs in bundles in a dry, dark place until crispy. Remove the leaves from the stems and store in air-tight containers.

Infuse Honey

Fill a jar half full with fresh leaves (1/4 full if using dried leaves), fill the jar leaving 1/4″ headspace with liquid honey. Cover the jar with a tight-fitting lid and place in a sunny window for 1 month. Turn the jar over now and then, to move the herbs and honey around the jar to infuse fully. At the end of the month, strain the herbs from the honey and store the flavored honey in an airtight jar.

Jar of sage leaves infusing honey.

Freeze Sage

Chop the sage finely and place 1 – 2 teaspoons in each compartment of an ice cube tray. Fill the tray with water and freeze until solid. Remove from the tray and store in labeled containers.

Infuse Vinegar

Fill a jar 3/4 full with chopped, fresh sage (1/4 full with dried sage) and fill the jar with apple cider vinegar. Store the jar in a cool, dark cabinet for 1 month. A the end of the month, strain the herbs and put the infused vinegar in a clean airtight jar.

Using Preserved Sage for Food

Toss dried sage into soups, ground meats, eggs, and more for a flavorful addition.

A bit of sage infused honey in herbed biscuits or cornbread provides a lightly sweet herb flavor.

Add a sage ice cube to sautéed veggies and cook out the water for soups, casseroles, meatloaves, and anywhere else a hit of sage would be nice.

Use sage infused vinegars as part of marinades, in salad dressings, etc.

Sage leaves on a white table.

Using Preserved Sage for Medicine

Sage has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. It helps calm sore throats and soothe frazzled nerves.

Combine dried sage with chamomile for a soothing herbal tea at the end of a stressful day.

Put the infused honey in herbal tea or a cup of hot water to help soothe a scratchy throat.

Gargle with the infused vinegar to help with laryngitis and sore throats.

Drink sage tea to help with hot flashes.

Fill the spice rack and the medicine chest with preserved sage this summer’s abundance and keep your healthy and bellies full with tasty food all winter long.

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Noreena Meshigaud

Thursday 28th of May 2020

Thank you so much. I love your site! Looking forward to see more from you.


Tuesday 19th of July 2016

Enjoyed your article. Have had herbs growing for a few years now but always interested in new ways to use them. thanks

Homespun Seasonal Living

Tuesday 19th of July 2016

You are most welcome, thanks so much for stopping by!

Sharon Jankowski

Saturday 23rd of May 2015

I love the ideas , I have M.S can you tell me other herbs that will help with M.S I'm trying anything I I can warmer weather is so hard on me but I won't give up my gardening and herb gardening thank you Sharon jankowski


Sunday 24th of May 2015

I'm sorry I don't know which herbs would be good for MS. I'm not a trained herbalist or healthcare practitioner. Mostly, I just read and study when something pops up in front of me whether that's sage or a particular healthcare ailment we're struggling with at our home. I wish you luck in finding useful herbs.

Gentle Joy

Wednesday 20th of May 2015

I have sage in my garden this year and I hope it multiplies quickly since I have a lot of plans for it! I also read that burning it outside on the deck can help keep mosquitoes away and it smells great. I think we could use a LOT of this for all of the great purposes. :)

Angi @ SchneiderPeeps

Friday 22nd of May 2015

I'm going to try this. We have a lot of mosquitos right now. Thanks!


Monday 18th of May 2015

I have always wanted to grow herbs but never knew to dry then our what other uses I could indulge in. You have given me some new ideas for sage and how to dry it. Sage is one of my favorite herbs! :-)


Monday 18th of May 2015

I'm so happy to hear that this was useful for you!