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Useful Weed : Dandelion

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The dandelions in my neck of the woods just started popping up.  I don’t mind saying they’re a welcome and beautiful sight.  After all this useful weed dandelion serves many purposes beyond just giving me the first flowers of spring.  We, as well as our bees, use them as food and medicine.

Useful Weed: Dandelion - Homespun Seasonal LIving

I’ll harvesting the useful plants for a multitude of uses including:

How are you using dandelions?

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Monday 11th of May 2015

I made Dandelion Syrup and it is delicious! Will try more recipes like Dandelion oil and salve.


Monday 11th of May 2015

Oh that syrup sounds great! Thanks for the idea!


Monday 12th of May 2014

I've been wanting to try my hand at foraging dandelions for jelly and the root coffee. I keep seeing more and more ideas on how to use them! I love it!


Monday 12th of May 2014

Go for the wine! I make it every other year or so. It's very good.


Monday 12th of May 2014

I would like to eat the greens but even the young ones are quite bitter sometimes. I'm surprised how many uses it has!

Linda had a little Lamb

Monday 12th of May 2014

I never thought to eat them. I have purchased dandelion juice before and it tastes horrible. We've got a few dandelions on our lawn at present. Maybe I'll be brave and go eat one.


Monday 12th of May 2014

I think the juice would be yucky, too. The younger, smaller, tender leaves are better to eat. The bigger they get, the more bitter they tend to be. Enjoy!