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Fall Bread Recipes

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As the seasons change and the air gets cooler get your baking on with these delicious fall bread recipes.

These homemade bread recipes feature seasonal ingredients making them idea for the fall season and of course the smell of fresh baked bread makes those extra hours indoors feel especially cozy.

Whether you’re after tasty quick bread recipes or looking to take your time with a yeast dough, this list of fall breads will guide to new favorites in this wonderful time of the year.

Slices of pumpkin cinnamon swirl bread with remaining loaf behind them on a wooden cutting board with text overlay reading: 25+ homemade fall bread recipes.

Highlight Seasonal Produce

The best fall bread recipes highlight the best and most flavorful ingredients of the Autumn season.

Things like pumpkin and winter squash – remember you can almost always substitute any winter squash puree for pumpkin purée. Use whatever you have on hand.

Apples and pears are often at their most freshest in this season. Look for local varieties for something special and wonderfully delicious.

Cranberries are also often found in abundance and easily during Autumn.

Sweet potatoes and yams can be highlighted and used for a change from winter squash though the flavor is often similar in baked goods.

Warming Spice

As the temperatures cool, it seems we all like to add some warming spice to our meal rotations.

Homemade breads are an ideal way to add spice in sweet and savory ways that not only taste good but make the house smell good as well.

Slow & Cozy

Baking tasty bread from scratch is an exercise in slow, intentional living. And it is a wonderful way to embrace the fall season.

Baking in summer often makes the house too hot and is an activity most folks don’t enjoy but once the air starts to chill, most of us enjoy warming up the house and our souls with good things straight from the oven.

Pumpkin dinner rolls in a white linen lined basket with a pumpkin behind it.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a quick bread recipe or something that requires time for rising, simply pick a delicious bread recipe and connect to home and the season in a wonderfully easy way.


This is good food to share with neighbors and loved ones near and far. Consider making mini loaves to spread your baking farther.

Simple wrap baked and cooled bread in plastic wrap or bags and sticking in boxes alongside other goodies from your homestead for folks far way.

It’s also a great way to get your bake on, have some treat, but not eat too much.

Freeze for Later

Breads, either quick, yeasted, or sourdough freeze incredibly well. If you have the room, bake extra when you’re in the mood and save it for later.

Simply let baked loaves cool completely and store in airtight containers, like bags or wrapped in plastic wrap.

This is a great way to bake ahead for bigger meals or gatherings. You can always reheat bread after it’s thawed in an oven for a warm and fresh texture.

Alternatively, slice the cooled loaves and store the slices in the same kind of airtight manner. This way you can just pull a few slices out as you need them.

Whole wheat pumpkin bread slices on a white plate with text overlay reading: 25+ homemade fall bread recipes.

A slice or two pulled out in the morning and tucked into a lunch box would likely be thaw and ready to eat by lunch.

We often pull out just a slice or two and put it directly into a toaster for a quick and filling morning breakfast on the go.

Use up frozen bread within 6 months for best flavor and to prevent any kind of freezer burn.

Looking to connect to the Fall Season more deeply and in simple doable fashion? Check out my Fall into Autumn’s Bounty E-course for a guided and fun experience!

Fall Bread Recipes

Choose quick, yeast, or sourdough based on your ingredients and time for Autumn baked goods sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

Quick Breads

Need your baking done fast? Try one of these easy quick breads that skips all the rising but none of the flavor.

Yeast Breads

Whether you need a sweet treat or something savory this list has it all for folks wanting to take their time and bake up some yeasted breads.


If you're looking for ways to make your fall breads with sourdough starter, try one of these Autumn favorites:

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Friday 16th of September 2022

I have never had apple bread. I can't wait to try it. Although I need to wait a bit as the temps outside are around 90 this week. Fall has not yet appeared to our Illinois town.