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Fall Leaf Crafts

The changing leaves of Autumn are a highlight for many of us. Highlight them inside your home with these fall leaf crafts.

A collage of photos depicting fall leaves, a fall leaf garland, and knitted fall leaves with text overlay.

Remember to keep it simple, there’s no reason to overdue it or have this be stressful. It’s not about crossing something off a fall bucket list, but rather just a simple way to enjoy the Autumn season indoors as well as out.

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Crafts with Natural Leaves

Use the actual fall leaves in these craft ideas as a perfect way to bring the natural world inside the home.

Cloth Leaf Crafts

Use cotton, canvas, and other bits of cloth to create long-lasting leaf crafts for you home and gifts.

Paper Leaf Crafts

Make fall leaves from paper as a basis for creative and easy crafts for decor, gifts, and more.

Knitted & Crocheted Leaves

Grab those needles, hooks, and yarn to create fall leaves to fashion into centerpieces, scarves, hats, and more.

Edible Leaves

Because the idea of leaf shaped cookies or decorated cakes surrounded by paper leaf decorations eaten on the porch surrounded by trees changing color feels completely over the top and entirely appropriate.

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