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How to Make Rustic Candle Holders from Logs

I like candles as a centerpiece at the dinner table. This is as true for Tuesday nights as it for feasts or special occasions. I especially like those candles during the dark days of late fall and early winter. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and because I tend to want to bring nature indoors during those seasons as well, we made some rustic candle holders from logs for this season’s centerpiece. 

Make a natural table centerpiece with these easy DIY rustic candle holders. Use logs or branches and basic hand tools for a simple but elegant project.

This is an easy project for all skill levels. All it requires are some basic hand tools, a branch, and some candles. So go for a walk or easy hike and find the perfect branch for your candle holders. 

Materials Needed

  • Branches at least 3” in Diameter : Use any branch of good size you find on a nature walk. There is no need to cut something from a tree. If it’s a little rustic, so much the better. The branch should not be so rotten or soft that a hole can’t be drilled into it but it doesn’t need to be green or super hard either.
  • Saw
  • Drill with ⅞” Spade Drill Bit : The size of drill bit will vary based on the size of the candle. Most tapers or round stick will work just fine with the ⅞” bit but you may need to go a bit larger or smaller depending on your candles.
  • Candle Tapers / Sticks

How to Make the Rustic Candle Holders

  1. Using the saw slice the branch into desired widths for candle holders. Do several at 1 inch slices or do a variety of widths, a 1-inch, a 2-inch, and a 3-inch.
  2. Keep one edge of the slice flat. This would be the bottom of the holder that sits on the table. If desired, slice the top edge of a thick slice at an angle for a pretty effect.
  3. In the center of the slice, drill a hole with the spade bit. The hole should be at least ½” into the wood.
  4. Place the candles into the hole and light for dinner or any other occasion.

A Simple & Meaningful Gift

These could easily make a lovely hostess gift or even a wedding gift. Find beautiful or interesting logs to make the candle holders. Pair them with some homemade beeswax tapers and wrap for a simple, natural gift to grace the table of loved ones. 

It’s really that simple. And it’s really that elegant. I get more compliments on these candle holders than any other I’ve owned or made over the years. They’re simple to be sure but it is their natural simplicity that folks are drawn too. They fulfill their purpose while also helping us connect to the natural world outside. This connection seems even more important during the seasons when we spend more time inside than out.

Make a natural table centerpiece with these easy DIY rustic candle holders. Use logs or branches and basic hand tools for a simple but elegant project.

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Ellen Osborn

Sunday 10th of October 2021

I love candles in the winter too! What a great way to use tree limbs brought down in an ice storm. I have some scrap lumber that I need to use up & might try that too. I also keep museum wax handy — for the dollhouse & miniatures. That helps keep the candles steady if my holes are a little big. Thanks!


Sunday 29th of September 2019

I remember these from a long time ago, but had forgotten about them. Thanks for the reminder!!!


Wednesday 22nd of November 2017

I love these! Thanks so much for sharing.