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Ways to Give Homemade Jam Gifts

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Most of us jam and jelly makers, give copious jars away to loved ones. Those jars are amazing gifts but we can share the flavor and amazing delight of those preserves by going beyond the jar, too. This year consider giving homemade jam gifts in the form of delicious food treats.

All those jars of homemade jellies make for great gifts both when given in the jar and when included in homemade jam gifts like cookies, scones, and more.

Thumbprint Cookies

Probably the most common way to give jam gifts outside of the jar is the thumbprint cookie. They can take on a number of forms and pack deliciously and easily into tins.

This apricot version includes rosemary for an herbal touch while the dusting sugar gives it extra sparkle.

A baker can’t go wrong with raspberry and lemon cookies that include a drizzle of almond glaze.

Keep it gluten-free and add peanut butter with this super easy cookie recipe.

Don’t forget the vegans on your list with a version that includes coconut for a tropical twist.

Jam & Jelly Cookies

Beyond thumbprints homemade jams and jellies work in a number of different types of cookies.

Sandwich that jam between crispy cookies and decorate with frosting and coconut, like these snow cookies.

Bow tie cookies are elegant for gifts and yet still easy to create during busy times.

Keep it traditional with buttery and beautiful linzer cookies.

Spread homemade jam on large sheets of cookie dough and cut it into pinwheel shapes.

Tuck jam inside these snowball cookies for a delightful surprise.

All those jars of homemade jellies make for great gifts both when given in the jar and when included in homemade jam gifts like cookies, scones, and more.

Bar Cookies

Bar cookies can be made in big batches that are then cut and divided up among cookie trays for gift giving. These tend to be great ways to spread large bits of jam into one recipe for great flavor.

Jam bars come in a variety of styles, this version includes almond flour and coconut for lots of flavor.

Oatmeal jam bars are the favorite around here.

Never forget the chocolate lover on your list, these jam bars include chocolate chips.


Bread and jam just naturally go together. A gift basket full of homemade bread and jam is always an excellent idea but we can also fill our muffins, scones, and more with jam:

Jam filled muffins are great hostess gifts.

Scones served with jam is traditional and this version bakes the jam right on top.

Mix jam in quick bread batter in mini loaves for great gifts.

Go fancy with a yeasted bread dough spread with jam and then twisted into a star shape.

While no one is ever likely to turn down a jar of homemade preserves, it can be fun to switch it up a little now and then. Homemade jam gifts like these are also lighter and less breakable making them ideal for shipping.

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Wednesday 29th of November 2017

Every year I make my mom's cookie recipe--it's labelled 'jelly diagonals' but who knows if that's what they were originally called. In our family we just call them 'jelly cookies.' Anyway, I always buy a jar of raspberry jam to make them with, because that's what we've always made them with. It's the only time I buy jam. But reading this post, it occurs to me that I could use any of the varieties of jam I put up during the rest of the year, and while they won't be 'the way they've always been' they will still be delicious. Not sure why it took me so long to realize this, but thank you for the inspiration!