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10+ Ways to Preserve the Pear Harvest

Enjoy sweet and delicious pears all year long with these simple preservation ideas. If you have an abundance of fresh pears that you don’t want to got to waste – can, freeze, or dehydrate them now to enjoy later.

Because of their high sugar content, pears make a naturally delicious dessert and the recipes below will help you save them for months to come for easy cooking, baking, and snacking anytime of year.

Preserved pears are not only great for whipping up autumn-feeling desserts, but they also make a great food gift as well (just like these food gifts that ship well).

So, round up the last of the in-season fruit and get started wit these tasty ideas.

A bowl of pears sits on a table. Text overlay reads: 10+ ways to preserve pears.

The Best Pears To Preserve

Like most fruits, each variety of pear comes with a slightly different flavor. Below are the best type of pears to preserve and the flavor profile you can expect:

Bartlett pears are a classic and the most common which makes them perfect for canning. They’re sweet, juicy, and easy to work with.

Bosc pears are normally firmer in texture and while sweet have a bit of a spicy undertone.

Anjou pears are very mild overall which means that they work well in just about any recipe and will take on other flavors from the ingredients.

Comice pears are ultra juicy and delicious fresh. Because they have an almost buttery flavor, they’re great in baked goods.

Seckel pears have a spicier flavor and work best for pickling or spiced types of recipes.

If you have your own pear tree or access to something local go with those varieties of pears first and foremost. Local fruit will likely be fresher and tastier than things found in the grocery store. There’s no reason not to combine pears of different types for fun and flavorful preserves. Experiment and see which you like best.

While slightly unripe pears can be used for canning in some instances, the riper the pear the better the flavor in the long run.

Recipes to Preserve Pears

If you have enough pears, try to pick a recipe in each method - canning, freezing, and drying. This will give you many different ways to use them throughout the winter and beyond from snacking on dried bits, to putting frozen slices in smoothies, to spreading jam on toast and so much more. 

Canned Pear Recipes

Because pears are high-acid they can be processed in a water-bath canner making them accessible and easy for most novice and experienced canners. Of course they can be chopped and preserved in fruit juice or sugar syrup for easy use later on. If you're looking for something a little different that could perhaps also double as a gift, these ideas will give your ripe fruit plenty of life.

Dried Pear Preserves

Canning isn’t the only way to preserve summer pears. These dried preserves take a juicy fruit and transforms it into a portable, easy-to-grab snack. Explore the recipes below that take basic pears and turn them into deliciously seasoned add-ons to charcuterie boards or salads in very simple steps.

Recipes to Freeze Pears

Want to skip the canning and dehydrating but still have pears around for months to come? Frozen pears are easy to enjoy all year. Freezing helps retain their juicy flavor for months to come. You can freeze them in slices to be used in a variety of ways. Whip up the recipes below and use them as needed. All the freshness of your favorite fruit can be enjoyed in any season.

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Monday 3rd of September 2018

Thank-you for all these ideas. And thank you for the tracking sheet. I am hopeful this will prevent jars and freezer items lurking in the dark depths of my store shelves or freezer! Filling it in certainly makes my efforts look impressive!! I have decided to do a separate one for the freezer. I have also made separate lists for 2018 and pre-2018, as I still have some things left from 2016 and 2017.

Kathie Lapcevic

Thursday 6th of September 2018

Oh I'm so glad to know that tracking sheet is useful to you! Happy preserving.