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20 of the Best Recipes Using Canned Peaches

Craving all the juiciness of fresh peaches but it’s well beyond peach season? Grab your jars or cans of peaches and you can have sweet and savory recipes in no time at all to satisfy your craving.

These canned peach recipes infuse summer flavor into any time of year. These recipes are a mix of sweet and savory flavors from refreshing salads to indulgent desserts. They’re the perfect way to indulge in your favorite summer fruit all year long!

2 jars of peaches with the tops covered in burlap sit on a table. Text overlay reads: Recipes using canned peaches - 20 sweet & savory ideas.

Whether you canned the peaches yourself or bought them from the grocery store, those preserves can be the start of many fine homemade dishes. They’re the easiest way to bring a little slice of summer into the cooler days.

Don’t forget you can used canned nectarines in the same way as canned peaches – use what you have on hand.

​Sweet & Savory Recipes from Canned Peaches

Find one or more new favorite peach recipes with this comprehensive list to have you using up your pantry stores in many meal plans long after fresh peach season has passed. 

Sweet Canned Peach Recipes

These peach desserts are a blend of your summer favorites that can be had even in a blizzard! From pies to crisps and everything in between, these easy recipes are perfect for formal gatherings or lazy weekends in.

Savory Peach Recipes

Bust out some of your full canning jars and whip up a few of these savory and delicious peach recipes! This collection gives you all the bright, sunny, juicy flavor of ripe peaches but pairs it with thins besides dessert to round out your meal plans. 

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