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Summer Self-Care Strategies

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Summer tends to be a busy season. There is gardening and food preservation and more. Be sure to do them to the best of your ability by including these summer self-care strategies in your days.

These fun and easy ideas will help you not only care for yourself but also immerse yourself in the amazing and speciali things the summer season has to offer.

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Stay Connected

When things get busy we all tend to stay focused on our tasks. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does occasionally mean we forget to reach out to loved ones.

Send some summer postcards, even if you don’t go anywhere but your backyard. These postcards, this act of sitting down to handwrite some mail helps us slow down, connect with ourselves, and share our lives with people we love.

This simple act of mail love helps us and generally brings joy to the recipient. It’s good in every possible way.

Go On a Picnic

We as a society have moved away from the picnic but there’s a lot to be said for having one (or several). Picnics get us outside, hopefully disconnect us from our phones, and allow us to connect with loved ones over food. Make time for them and keep it simple.

Pack a simple meal with fresh, seasonal food. Just some finger foods is great. A simple blanket or sheet to sit on and something to drink completes the picnic set-up.

Picnic table with lunch in front of the river.

Eat the Simple Summer Food

Summer provides an abundance of choice in fresh fruit and vegetables. Eat them often.

Keep it simple and cool by eating simple plates. Slice raw vegetables and eat them with cheese and crackers. Make smoothies with the fruits. There’s no need for big or complicated meals during this season, let the fresh flavor be the star.

Baskets of peppers, beans, and cucumbers harvested from the garden.

Not only are these meals delicious, they’re healthy too. These are the kinds of meals and foods we can feel good about eating.

Eating healthy fresh fruits and vegetables are the ultimate and easy self care strategy. 

Sit by a Campfire

Whether actually camping or using some kind of fire pit in the backyard, sit by a campfire. Relax with a mug of something delightful, roast some marshmallows, and enjoy some good company. Watch the stars and feel the warmth of the fire.

Obviously keep this activity safe and responsible to prevent starting any kind of forest fire.

Resting by the campfire for summer self-care.

This is a very simple exercise but one that never fails to be soothing. It allows us to get away from all our modern gadgets and for a just a little bit connect with our more feral ancestors or at the very least our childhood. 

Keep Cool

Summer tends to be warm. Find ways to keep cool.

This can mean sitting in air conditioning when necessary, it is important to stay safe in the most extreme temperatures. However, we can keep cool and stay connected to nature at the same time by swimming in a mountain lake.

Sit outside in the cool evenings with an iced tea. Drink your morning coffee outside in the cool morning air before the heat of the day sets in.

View of lake from the beach.

The heat has a way of making everyone cranky at some point or another. Defeat that by caring for yourself and finding time and ways to stay cool. 

Stay Hydrated

Keeping the body hydrated is always important. Even more so, in the hot days of summer.

Make healthy, delicious drinks from scratch and skip the sugar-laden, artificially colored drinks. 

Raspberry lemon balm shrub in a glass with extra pitcher, fresh raspberries, and lemon balm on a table.

Instead make refreshing herbal drinks, fruit smoothies, shrubs, and fermented drinks. These will keep you feeling satisfied and your body hydrated.

Want to up your iced tea game? Get my Guide to Iced Tea to help you get creative and stay refreshed!

Summer is a busy time for sure. That doesn’t mean it should be all work. Remember to take time to keep yourself rejuvenated and running well with these summer self-care strategies. 

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Sunday 14th of June 2020

Excellent ideas! I am going to check out your recipes for summer drinks


Wednesday 13th of June 2018

Love these ideas! Thank you for sharing. I just ran across your shrub recipe the other day and am looking forward to trying it when the raspberries around here are in season. Thanks!