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The 25+ Best Teas for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to sit and relax with a refreshing glass of iced tea. And because the best iced tea recipes highlight summer seasonal ingredients, it’s a special way to drink local and celebrate the season all in one sitting.

These homemade recipes are a great alternative to overly sugary drinks from the grocery store and yet many can also be used to satisfy a sweet craving.

No matter what kind of tea you enjoy most, you’re sure to find something new and inspiring in this list of summertime tea recipes.

2 glasses full of peach slices and iced tea with sprigs of mint. Text overlay reads: The Best Summer Tea Recipes.

Types of Tea

There are a number of different ways to brew your tea for cold beverages:

Start with hot tea: Brew an extra strong hot cup of tea, at least double strength of your favorite tea using boiling water. Let that steep, strain, then cool or pour over ice cubes to enjoy.

Sun Tea is the old-fashioned favorite: Place your tea in a clear glass jar and fill with water. Put the jar somewhere sunny to slowly steep as the sun heats the water. When it has reached desired strength, strain and enjoy over ice. Keep unused tea in the refrigerator to enjoy tomorrow.

A glass of iced honeysuckle tea on a wooden board surrounded by orange honeysuckle flowers.

Cold Brew Tea: Place your tea in a jar with cold water. Put the jar in the refrigerator overnight (6 to 12 hours is great), strain and enjoy over ice or cold from the fridge.

One is not a better way than another, it’s truly a matter of preference and each may give a slightly different flavor. Experiment to find the way you like it best.

To Sweeten or Not

Some of us are fans of unsweetened iced tea and others can’t imagine it without some sugar. Go with your personal preference.

Most sweeteners will not dissolve in cold water, however. Make yourself a simple syrup to sweeten cold drinks instead.

A glass full of ice and white clover tea with a long silver spoon sticking out of it, a wooden honey dipper sitting to the left, a small bottle full of white clovers in the background.

A simple syrup is indeed quite easy – simply mix equal parts sugar and water and boil until the sugar is dissolved. Store the syrup in an airtight container in the fridge.

Add flavor to the simple syrup by cooking it with herbs or fruits.

The great thing about having a jar of simple syrup in the fridge means everyone can sweeten or not to their own level.

Best Tea for Summer

Use these simple and tasty recipes to switch up your cold beverage routine on the hottest days of summer.

Black Teas

When the hot weather hits many of turn to simple iced black tea to find some tasty and cooling relief. These recipes start with classic black tea and then get creative and delicious with additional seasonal ingredients.

Green Tea

Combine your favorite green tea leaves with seasonal herbs and fruits for a refreshing iced tea recipe.

Herbal Tea

Keep your delicious recipes caffeine free and healthy by using homegrown and local herbs combined with other fruits and more for some of the best iced teas of the season.

Cocktail Tea

Make yourself an iced adult drink perfect for the summer months with these teas combined with liquors for a new favorite drink.

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