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How to Get Some Winter Rest

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Most of us live modern lives in which busy, a constant on-the-go life is glorified. That busyness is exalted in every season even when most of us just want some winter rest.

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Rest is the most natural thing in the world and yet so many of us ignore it because it runs counter-intuitive to all our societal pressures to do all the things. Still, finding time and learning to rest can be just the thing to make our simple living goals come true.

No Living Thing is Meant to Run Constantly

Our bodies and minds need rest. Sometimes we need more than others. Everything in the natural world rests now and then, human beings are part of the natural world and need to do the same thing.

There is no reason to be on the go so much that the only rest a body gets is when it falls exhausted into bed. 

Give Yourself Permission

No, you can’t crawl into a den and sleep the winter away like a bear. That’s not natural to humans nor is sustainable in our modern lives. We do, after all, have things we have to do.

Still, if you feel like you want to just sit in a big comfy chair, drink hot chocolate and do nothing else after work.

It’s okay to say yes to that. You should say yes to that. 

No one can ignore all responsibilities. And some goals can’t be achieved from the couch cocoa in hand. These are real parts of life, however; don’t ignore this desire to rest. It is a big part of a simple and seasonal lifestyle. Rest can also fuel those days of big responsibilities and goal achievement.

Rest Does Not Always Mean Sleep

Sleep is a form of rest, to be sure, but it is not the only form. Rest can take on many different forms for many different people.

For some, rest is curling up under a blanket with a good book. For others, it’s playing a board game with family. Intentionally look for and create opportunities of rest in your life.

Use the long nights and natural tendency to want to sleep and hibernate to get some much needed winter rest. Use the time to rejuvenate the mind and spirit so that you can achieve goals and more later.

Again, this can be a nap or a decent night’s sleep but it can also be other things.

Lack of Daylight = Perfect Rest Opportunity

The dark hours of late fall and early winter are the perfect opportunity for rest. In fact, many of us naturally want to rest during this time but fight that tendency because of modern electric lights. 

Use those natural desires and cravings of the body and mind to your advantage. Sit by candlelight for extra coziness and read or craft.

Log branch candle holders with

Take a nap on a cold afternoon under a favorite quilt. Use the season as the reason for rest rather than curse it for being dark. 

How to Get Winter Rest

So, you’ve given yourself permission and found the opportunity but still need a few ideas on how to get rest. It’s an almost foreign concept in our overly busy society. 

Use the long nights and natural tendency to want to sleep and hibernate to get some much needed winter rest. Use the time to rejuvenate the mind and spirit so that you can achieve goals and more later.

Read an actual book.

Write in a journal.

Sit with feet up and do nothing (really, this is a thing).

Write an actual letter or card to a loved one.

Take a nap or go to bed.

Create something leisurely. Get a winter adult coloring book. Practice hobbies. 

Mostly do whatever restful thing you feel drawn too.

As this season carries on be sure to get the winter rest you most need and desire. Also be sure to carry that on into other seasons as well, rest is always needed and always natural.

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Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Thank you for this post. I take more time to "nest" that recharges me. I am so glad to this positive affirmation to do the same.


Wednesday 10th of January 2018

Thank you for the permission to rest and for the reminder that it is natural to need and want rest. :)