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Lavender Hot Toddy Tea

Hot toddy tea is an old-fashioned cold remedy that actually works. This is no old-wives tale. We can modernize it and kick up the flavor and the healing power with the addition of lavender.

As flu season approaches, find relief with these easy hot toddy ingredients for a cold.

A cup of lavender hot toddy tea in a cup with lemon wedges and text overlay.

Lavender as Herbal Remedy

Lavender is antimicrobial making it a tasty treatment of all those common cold symptoms.

Lavender also helps relieve anxiety and promote sleep. Sleep is always a good idea when fighting a cold.

Hot Tea

Hot tea and steam are good for helping clear out the sinuses. It’s important to sip slowly and inhale the steam. The tea will also help hydrate the body which is important for general health function anytime but especially so when fighting a cold.

A cup of tea with lemon wedges surrounded by a honey dipper, white napkin, and wooden bowl of lemon slices.

Whiskey in Moderation

So whiskey isn’t something we should drink in huge amounts. Obviously, that will do the opposite of making us feel better. But a small amount in a cup of tea can do some wonders.

Whiskey helps us sleep. Having a cup of herbal tea with a shot of whiskey in it will likely provide some relaxation and deep sleep. Sleep is always good for healing.

A cup of herbal tea with lemon wedges and text overlay.

Whiskey also thins the blood slightly, which can help the body deal with mucus better and generally fight infection.

Don’t like whiskey? Try substituting brandy or even a dark rum instead.

Soothing Honey

Honey has a multitude of benefits for the body. It’s also incredibly soothing for coughs and sore throats, making it an ideal ingredient in any cold remedy.

Obviously it also sweetens the tea and whiskey making it easier to go down especially for the folks that don’t necessarily love whiskey or drink much of it normally.

Increase the lavender flavor by using lavender infused honey.

A cup of lavender tea surrounded by a jar of dried lavender, a bowl of lemon slices, a white napkin, and a honey dipper.

Use any honey that is in the pantry. Want to increase the healing power ever so slightly? Try using Manuka Honey as it’s been studied for it’s specific antibacterial qualities which can help ease the common cold.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice helps cut through congestion and eases stuffiness making it an ideal addition to this tea. Plus lemon and lavender compliment each other wonderfully in tea.

Lemon juice is also naturally vitamin C which we all know helps the body fight off colds and infections.

A mug of lavender hot toddy with lemon wedges, surrounded by dried lavender buds, a honey dipper, a white napkin, and a bowl of lemons on a wooden table.

Drink Slowly

The best way to take and use a hot toddy is to drink slowly. Inhale the steam and let the medicine slowly get into your body. This will also help the body slow down.

Drink the toddy before bed for most effective sleep and healing.

Yield: 1 Cup

Lavender Hot Toddy

A cup of lavender hot toddy with lemons floating inside. Surrounded by a bowl of lemon slices, a honey dipper, a napkin, and a jar of dried lavender buds.

Use these healing and flavorful hot toddy ingredients for a cold or flu.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes



  1. In a cup, add the honey, lemon juice, and whiskey.
  2. Put the lavender in a tea ball. Place tea ball in cup.
  3. Pour hot water into the cup and stir gently.
  4. Let the lavender steep for 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Sip slowly.

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Sunday 19th of January 2020

My grandmother used to make a hot toddy for me during my period. It worked fantastically. It was the same recipe you have minus the lavender. The lavender would add a nice floral scent to an already good recipe :) When you are not feeling well, your brain loves a detour with lovely scents.


Monday 13th of January 2020

Thank you for sharing your recipe! I never would have thought of adding lavender. This seems like such an easy remedy to make, too. I will have to pick up some lavender so I can give it a try.

I typically drink organic Echinacea tea (pretty much every day), but I think your concoction sounds more delicious! :-)

Kathie Lapcevic

Monday 13th of January 2020

You could honestly use any dried herb here for an herbal tea toddy that would be delightful. The echinacea is obviously a very different flavor but also super medicinal.

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