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How to Prepare for a Cozy Winter

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Get ready to hunker now and stay inside by preparing for a cozy winter season. It’s easy and you’ll be grateful for it later by doing just a couple things in advance.

Candles in a lantern on a windowsill looking outside to a snow covered landscape.

These aren’t giant preparation things but rather small but meaningful comforts that can help us enjoy the season and its many unique opportunities. 

Get Winter Clothing

Do you have the requisite layers for your climate? Obviously, every location is different maybe you don’t need snow boots and heavy coats but you likely need different clothing for winter than summer. Is it on hand and in good repair?

Do the rain boots or snow boots fit properly? Do the jackets zipper or button properly? If not, can they be repaired or it is time for something new?

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Long underwear, heavy socks, hats, & gloves, are these things on hand and ready to wear. If not, hit the stores and thrift shops now to stock up and be ready as soon the weather changes. 

Getting outside is an important part of having a cozy winter and seasonal living in general. However, it’s miserable if not impossible without the right clothing. Keep it frugal and in line with the budget but do get what is needed. 

Also, never underestimate the comfort of good, warm slippers and comfy sweaters for around the house. 

Gather Reading Materials

Get a big basket full of things to read. Buy new if you want and can afford it. Maybe splurge on a special magazine subscription. Hit thrift stores for used items to keep the budget in line.

Books, magazines, comic books, whatever it is that you and your family like to read. Toss old favorites into that basket too, the ones you like to read again and again.

A stack of books on cooking and homesteading.

Don’t want to buy anything and don’t have much already on the shelves you want to reread? Plan regular trips to the local library. 

Winter is a great time to sit and read for pleasure and for learning. I personally do the bulk of my deep reading from November through February each year. It’s not that I don’t read in the other months but the reading is in smaller spurts with everything else that happens in my corner of the world.

Prepare for Craftiness

Much like reading, I do more crafting in winter than any other time of year. Gather necessary items for your winter crafting needs.

This not about adding to the yarn or fabric or paper stash. This is about using up the stash and only adding if necessary.

Take a few minutes before the season changes and gather simple supplies and pleasures to be prepared for a cozy winter at home.

Find patterns, tutorials, and projects that you want to tackle this winter. Having what is needed on hand increases the chances of actually finishing a crafting project.

It’s also about creating a mindset. A belief and acting up on the believe that craft is an important part of our cozy winter plans.

Comfort Food & Drink

Is the pantry well-stocked? Are you ready to hunker down and not go anywhere in case of an ice storm? More than that are you simply ready to cook, easy delicious meals from scratch?

Keep your favorites – soup broth, noodles, chocolate chips, whatever so that homemade food can be made with minimal fuss while also being comforting and nourishing. 

Hot food on a cold day fuels the body and spirit and when it’s homemade and full of healthy ingredients, even more so.

A bowl of green soup with a napkin and wooden ladle.

Don’t forget those home-preserved fruits and veggies can easily be turned into pie.

And as always remember it doesn’t have to be fancy or fussy, just good food from whole ingredients. 

Have Remedies Ready

Stock the medicine cabinet with herbal remedies to build the immune system, fight sore throats, heal chapped lips, and more. Get the remedies ready now.

Clean medicine dropper bottles on table.

Are the tinctures strained, bottled, and labeled? This doesn’t have to be a huge project, just make sure you have the things you need most often and at the ready.

Stock up on the herbs for medicinal tea, make a few balms that you might need for dry skin so that everything is within arm’s reach when most needed and no one has to go to the store and infect innocent cashiers and other bystanders. 

Make Time for Relaxation

Start planning now for relaxation. Don’t let winter holidays and events pack your schedule so full that you have no time to rest and relax with loved ones. Protect time by blocking it off on the calendar. Yes, plan time for relaxation, hikes, library trips, crafting parties, and more so that nothing on the outside can interfere. 

Take a few minutes before the season changes and gather simple supplies and pleasures to be prepared for a cozy winter at home.

As the fall season rolls on, take a few minutes here and there to get ready for your own cozy winter. Get the house and your favorite priorities and hobbies in order so that the winter ahead can be one of immense simple pleasure and comfort.

Do you have a favorite way to prepare for a cozy winter? What things do you do ahead of time to be ready for it?

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Sunday 7th of November 2021

Sure enjoyed this article! TY for putting it out there. Have a blessed season!