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35+ Warm Drinks Perfect for Chilly Weather

As the seasons change so does what we drink. It happens slowly, but as the cold days move in, our mugs fill with hot drinks without a whole bunch of conccious thought.

It’s a great example of seasonal eating and if we can do it with warm drinks, we can likely do it in a variey of different ways.

A mug of hot cocoa sits on a table with a spoon on top. Text overlay reas 35+ recipes for warm drinks.

But for now, let’s focus on filling our mugs with a cozy drink to take the chill off a cold winter day. There is a drink for all occasions on this list so, work your way down and find something new to try!

Coffee Drinks

Take a classic to a new level with these coffee variations! Nothing screams energy like a steaming cup of coffee. However, these blends do more than that; they give you rich indulgence, comfort, and maximum flavor all in one coffee cup.

Coffee Substitutes

Skip the caffeine but enjoy the flavor with these warm drinks! These beverages have all the comfort of a mug of steaming coffee but use herbal alternatives instead. Perfect to sip on later in the afternoon or evening when you want comfort but not stimulation.

Tea Drinks

Nothing says fall like a hot tea mid-morning to keep you warm. These tea recipes are more than just comfort though, they’re the perfect way to perk up, calm down, or indulge depending on what you need. Easy to make, curling up with a cup of tea is always a good idea.

Chai Tea Variations

This spicy brew has any number of adaptations and so easily be made to suit individual tastes. Try these as inspiration and begin mixing up your own chai latte.

Hot Chocolate

Is there anything more classically cozy than a cup of hot cocoa? These hot chocolate recipes are delicious, fun twists on your favorite childhood beverage.

Warm Cocktails

Enjoy the comfort of a warm drink paired with an alcoholic twist! Though spiked hot chocolate is always delicious, these cocktails are classic cold-weather drinks that add a bit more zest to your day.

Fruity Warm Drinks

Who says fruit drinks have to be served cold in warm weather? The recipes below are a tasty combination of uplifting comfort with bursts of sweet fruit.

Warm Milk

Just the mug you need on cold days. These warming drinks can be made with traditional cows’ milk or a dairy-free alternative to suit any lifestyle. Either way, they’re deliciously soothing.

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Sunday 11th of November 2018

These sound so amazing!! Which one to choose first? Hmmmm....

Kathie Lapcevic

Monday 12th of November 2018


Katie Mae @ Nourishing Simplicity

Wednesday 11th of October 2017

Thank you for sharing my recipe!