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45 Sweet & Savory Ways to Use Maple Syrup

Sweet maple syrup is a natural gift from trees. And yet most of us rarely go beyond using if for anything other than pancake topping. Thankfully cooking with maple syrup in sweet and savory ways is easy.

If you’ve tapped maple trees or came across a good deal on real maple syrup, try your hand at a few new recipes using maple syrup this year.

While I haven’t tested it, I’m willing to bet that any syrup would be great in these recipes so don’t be shy in substituting birch syrup or whatever other syrup you make on your homestead.

4 bottles of maple syrup in varying cololr tones sit on a table. Text overlay reads: 45 Recipes to Use MapleSyrup

The recipes below are amazing but don’t forget that maple syrup can often be substituted for sugar in your own recipes.

Which Maple Syrup Is Best?

First off, make sure to use real maple syrup for these recipes. This is what will give you the best flavor from them.

Of course, when making your maple syrup recipes, keep in mind that there are different maple syrup grades, each with its own subtle flavor.

These grades vary by color from light to very dark. The darker the color the more robust the flavor. But honestly, use whatever grade you have on hand as long as its the real deal not imitation maple and you’ll be good to go!

The Best Maple Syrup Recipes

Whether you're looking for a sweet treat, a simple snack or even some new savory dishes, get all the complex flavor you seek with these delicious recipes featuring maple syrup. 

Breakfast Recipes

Skip the pancakes and head right to these delicious, breakfast recipes that do so much more than drizzle maple syrup on top! From comforting and sweet to savory and cozy, these recipes are a great addition to your breakfast or brunch tables. 

Bread & Muffins

You may not have thought of maple syrup being a main ingredient in your bread. However, these bread recipes use maple syrup to bring out the finer, cozy comfort of homemade bread. They’re easy to make and with a variety of uses, you can rest assured that none will go to waste!

Main Dishes

Maple syrup isn’t just for desserts. Use these recipes for a sweet but cozy and savory flavor to your meal plans. These recipes are delicious and the hint of sweetness can make healthy eating an even easier part of your regular rotation. 

Side Dishes

Fill the plate with maple infused side dishes with these choices that are easy enough to cook for busy weeknights but delicious enough for a full Holiday menu.


A great way to increase the flavor of your favorite snacks without using traditional white sugar. Try these new recipes for maple syrup snacks that are as delicious as dessert but a bit healthier for you.


The best recipes with a healthy twist! These easy desserts use maple syrup to bring out their sweet rich flavor and to keep your guests coming back for more. 


The perfect way to add bold and naturally sweet flavors to a cup. These drinks use maple syrup to both sweeten and create warm indulgence in every refreshing drink.


Maple syrup is a great way to sweeten your jams, jellies, and fruit butters to hold over the cooler months. Plus, it gives them a unique but subtle sweetness you can’t get with sugar. Use these preserve recipes to gift to neighbors or just to have a stash for yourself at home.

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Camilla Hawkins

Wednesday 19th of December 2018

Loving all these maple syrup themed recipes, thank you so much for including mine:-)

Lisa from Iroquois

Tuesday 8th of March 2016

Enjoying browsing the maple recipes. We are on the verge of sugaring off season here in Southern Ontario so very timely. One of the links is wrong - maple pumpkin custard under the desserts leads to an oatmeal recipe.

Homespun Seasonal Living

Tuesday 8th of March 2016

I'm so glad to know the recipes might come in handy for you! Enjoy. I fixed the incorrect link, too. Thanks for letting me know.


Wednesday 2nd of March 2016

I lost you for a while, Kathy... but tracked you down again. I blog at, formerly as Aisling, though I have recently published a book under my real name so went public as Marcie on my blog too. I am glad you are still blogging and living the simple life. Me too!

Homespun Seasonal Living

Thursday 3rd of March 2016

Congrats on the book! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.