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25+ Hearty & Healthy Fall Soup Recipes

Bursting with seasonal vegetables these healthy fall soup recipes are ones you’ll want to curl up with! Made with nourishing ingredients and your favorite fall flavors, nothing brings in the autumn season like a big bowl of warm, hearty soup.

From rich and creamy purees to hearty, filling bowls there’s an easy soup recipe for everyone here.

A bowl of pumpkin soup topped with seeds sits on a table surrounded by spoons and bread slices. Text overlay reads: 25+ healthy fall soup recipes.

Enjoy these soups as a meal on their own paired with your favorite crackers or crusty fall season bread. Or better yet, meal prep a big batch and portion out the soup for easy lunches. Regardless, you’ll beat the cool weather with these soup ideas!

What is Healthy Soup?

The definition of healthy can vary by household. For our purposes, this list focuses on simple, natural ingredients when they are in season. Delicious soup, delicious food, that is nourishing and flavorful always starts with the freshest ingredients available.

And because soup season does often coincide with the cooler weather of fall and autumn, we look to fall seasonal ingredients like: winter squashes, sweet potatoes, apples, root veggies, and more. Look to your garden and local farmers markets to find out what is in-season and be sure to look for new to you types for new flavorful cooking adventures.

Make your own broth and keep it stocked so that you can be ready for easy soup making at a moment’s notice. Broth making may seem intimidating but it is actually quite easy and frugal, allowing us to make the most of bones and vegetable scraps.

Healthy & Hearty Fall Soup Recipes

Use this list of healthy soup recipes to fill your meal plan on the cool fall days. Many of these will work equally well for lunch and dinner by adding some bread or even a salad on the side for something fill, nourishing, and frugal. 

Cabbage Soup Recipes

These soups take a basic ingredient and whip it into a hearty dish! Each pot of soup is bursting with cozy flavor, tender cabbage, and hearty vegetables to give you an easy meal.

Root Vegetable Soups

Root vegetables get sweeter after a frost, making them ideal ingredients for a comforting soup after fall frosts. These soups are full of naturally sweet and savory flavors that feel extra comforting on a chilly day. 

Sweet Potato Soups

Whether you're using sweet potatoes or yam, they can be blended into a creamy puree or left chunky for maximum texture in your favorite healthy fall soup recipes. As these tubers are often best and easily found in Autumn, they make it easy to keep meal plans seasonal. 

Winter Squash & Pumpkin Soups

Fall is definitely pumpkin season and these soups make the best use of it. Remember, most any winter squash can be substituted for another. Don't have pumpkin? Use Butternut Squash or Acorn and vice versa for some of the very best fall soup recipes.

Apple Soups

Whether you have homegrown apples or find something at a local orchard, try adding them to savory soups for a fun and delicious twist on your savory soup meals. Experiment with different apple varieties to see how the flavors and sweetness come through and give yourself some permission to get creative. 

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