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25 Sweet & Savory Lavender Recipes

Add some floral flavor to your meal plans with these sweet and savory lavender recipes.

Whether you are growing your own or buying it lavender is a wonderful addition to many recipes.

These simple and delicious recipes are sure to delight the lavender lover in your life.

3 Photos: of a jar of honey with lavender floating in it, another of cookies on a plate, the third is a cup of tea with lemon slices. A text box sits over the photos stating: 25 sweet and savory lavender recipes.

The Lavender

Obviously, lavender is the star ingredient in this collection of recipes. There are a number of different varieties of lavender and I know, most folks will tell you to use culinary lavender. If you have lavender plants growing in your home herb or flower garden – give it a taste – if it’s not bitter feel free to use and not worry about labeling it ‘culinary grade lavender’.

Fresh lavender stems stacked in a basket.

If you don’t have it growing, look to buy it from a local herb or lavender farm, if at possible.

Your local health food store will likely have dried lavender flowers in bulk if you can’t find a farm.

Fresh versus Dried

If you’ve got fresh lavender growing feel free to cook with it. Most recipes include dry lavender in the ingredient list – simply use 3 times as many fresh lavender buds to dry. For example if a recipe calls for 1 Tablespoon of dried use 3 Tablespoons of fresh.

The conversion works the other direction as well. If a recipe calls for fresh lavender and you only have dry on hand use 1/3 less.

You can always use more or less lavender to increase or decrease the floral note left behind in the recipe. Truly, adjust for your personal preference.

It is important to remember that a little bit of these flowers can go a long way – when in doubt go light the first time and add more later.

Be sure to combine the food with other lavender gift ideas to bless somoene you love!

Lavender Recipes

Use the following collection as inspiration for adding aromatic lavender to every meal of the day!

Pantry Staples

Keep these simple to make staples in your pantry for using lavender in many different ways.


These beautiful recipes can do double duty - use them for breakfast or simple afternoon snacks.


Get your lavender in a cup or glass with these inspiring and refreshing drinks.

Savory Dishes

Use these savory and lovely lavender recipes as a way to go beyond the normal sweet culinary uses of lavender into things that work well as main dishes and appetizers.


Make amazing floral treats with these sweet dishes are perfect for family night and large gatherings alike.


Save your lavender in various ways with these preserve recipes ideal for keeping jar of lavender on your pantry shelves.

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